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Latest Print Updates

October 20, 2021

Kofax Power PDF 4.2 for Mac now Available

Kofax Power PDF makes it easy to gain control over PDF workflows and provides everything you need to create, convert, edit, share and e-sign PDF files. The enhanced Power PDF 4 provides powerful PDF management built for business users with a familiar Microsoft Office-style interface. Power PDF meets simple to complex needs and provides strong security, so IT teams can standardize on a single tool.

Power PDF 4.2 for Mac takes another leap forward with following improvements and features:

• Improved user experience
– New UI design reflecting Apple design guidelines and simplified access with redesigned toolbar, editing bar, sidebar and icons
– Enhanced highlighting tool experience to make it easier to customize and use highlight colors
– Improved Table of Contents usability by easily linking an entry to a location and via drag-and-drop re-order entries of a table

• More flexibility through higher customization
– MRC Compression is now customizable allowing you to easily set different compression types
– Updated CSDK version
– Removes the need to rely on OmniPage Cloud Services
– Supports Apple Silicon and can now run natively on Apple Silicon

Note: Existing Power PDF version 4.0 customers with current maintenance contracts are eligible for upgrades.

ControlSuite 1.2 Released

What’s new with ControlSuite? A lot! With ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 3, customers will gain several enhancements to the Security Framework and much more:

• Various improvements to the Security Framework deployment and configuration including updates to the Configuration Assistant to help guide you through the process

• A new About Box in the configuration Assistant was added to easily provide visibility of installed product versions

• Numerous updates and fixes, you can learn more about here.

New Kofax Unified Client for Lexmark with ControlSuite Now Available

The new Unified Client for Lexmark devices that operates with Kofax ControlSuite™ 1.2 Fix Pack 2 (or higher) provides ControlSuite authentication, document and data capture capability and print release directly on the panel of supported Lexmark devices.

Key benefits include:

• Integrated print and capture functionality that increases user satisfaction & efficiency
• Secure print release direct on supported Lexmark MFP & SFP devices
• Capture workflows capability with basic and complex forms
• Improved cost control, security, user satisfaction and user efficiency

Key features include:

• Re-designed user interface
• Updated launcher screen
• Secure print release
• Capture workflows
• User authentication
• Error and notification alerts
• Failover support

For a full description of features, please refer to the release notes.

Upgrade To ControlSuite from Equitrac 5

Now’s the time to encourage your customers to upgrade to ControlSuite and leverage the 70% discount! With Equitrac V5 add-on sales ending in December, we urge you to reach out to your customers right away.

EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform version 3.16 has been released
What’s New in HCP 3.16?

Ping authentication support
HCP 3.16 adds support for Ping, a prominent identity management platform used by over 60% of Fortune 100 customers.
Adding Ping to our existing options enables customers to use any of the leading identity platforms to authenticate and manage their users, providing a secure and straightforward way to access their document workflows.

Offline push print
HCP 3.16 adds an option to create local printers when connectivity is lost. It will provide a way to continue to submit print jobs even when there is no internet connectivity by maintaining a list of recently used printers and creating temporary queues to enable jobs to be delivered directly to a printer. When connection resumes, temporary printers will be removed, and stats around usage submitted to HCP, providing additional resilience and failover for HCP users.

HCP API for documents history
HCP has extended API functions to be able to retrieve Documents History data containing key job attributes relating to a user’s print, copy and scan activity. This can be used in external data visualisation systems such as dashboards and external reporting tools by partners and customers.

PC Client Updates
HCP 3.16 brings a host of updates to the PC Client, which is used to manage end-users print queues, authentication and printing options. These include extending client-based authentication with OpenID connect, enabling authentication with additional cloud-based identity providers such as PingID and Google, as well as support for the latest Macbooks (using the Apple Silicon M1 processor).

ControlSuite Tips and Tricks—Part 1: Security

NEW Knowledge Base Content for ControlSuite—Our Technical Support team has numerous insightful and easily accessible articles about popular topics to ensure you have a frictionless experience with ControlSuite. We invite you to check out our updated Knowledge Base where you will find information about topics such as:

• How to request an evaluation license
• How to obtain an NFR license
• How to request a license upgrade

Today’s highlight: specific security articles to help you get ahead of potential issues or quick step-by-step guides to help resolve them. Here are two of our most-accessed pieces:

• What are the Antivirus Exceptions required for ControlSuite
• McAfee Antivirus causes failure to set up Security Framework at the Add Bootstrap User to AA service stage

Need more Partner Pre-Sales Resources? We have tons! Get a quick tour of the Top 10 for MFD in this video PLUS two additional ControlSuite upgrade videos.

Watch Video

[White Paper] Using PDF Documents for More Secure Document Workflows

The management of extensive document sets is an inevitable reality for all companies. However, if documents fall into the wrong hands, either internally or externally, devastating problems arise. Of course, safeguarding and keeping an eye on the many documents that a company creates, distributes, edits and stores throughout the document’s entire life cycle is an extremely difficult task.

Kofax can help. Read our white paper about how Kofax Power PDF™ can be used to quickly, inexpensively and efficiently create a document workflow that protects documents throughout their entire life cycle. You’ll learn about:

• Password protection
• Integrations with DMS
• Encryption
• Redacting
• More ways Power PDF helps create more secure document workflows

Download Whitepaper

New ControlSuite Certification Training—the Fastest Yet

ControlSuite certification training has been updated to version 1.2 with the latest fix pack release. Education Services worked with Kofax subject matter expects on installation and configuration best practices to create the most effective training yet. We also listened to previous learners and repackaged the content to get the learner to certification quicker. Simply certify on the ControlSuite component product(s) you’ll be using.

This free training is available on our new Kofax Learning Cloud platform to our channel and employees.

Enroll Here

ControlSuite Upgrade Training

Do you need to upgrade ControlSuite to the latest version? Or even upgrade from a non-ControlSuite version of AutoStore, Equitrac or Output Manager?

Avoid a service call! The ControlSuite 1.2 Upgrade training guides the learner through both upgrading and scenarios using best practices. The Education Services team worked in collaboration with Product Management and subject matter experts to develop new video-based training courses highlighting a more efficient, simpler and quicker upgrade methodology. Take a moment to update your ControlSuite upgrade skills!

The training is available on our new Learning Cloud platform and is free for our channel partners.

Enroll Here

Videos, Scripts and More at Kofax Demo Center Website

Access technical videos recorded by Kofax Technical Consultants that show how you can Work Like Tomorrow™—today with Kofax solutions by clicking HERE. Many of the videos have attachments and configuration scripts you can use to recreate the specific workflows for your customers.

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