On premise digital signatures solution

What is Kofax SignDoc:

Kofax SignDoc is an enterprise level electronic signature solution that removes the need for capturing wet ink signatures on paper documents, helping organisations achieve several major goals such as cutting operational costs, speeding up time to productivity, improving customer retention and staying compliant. SignDoc enables convenient, secure and legally valid electronic signing of digital transactions. It complies with e-signing laws, acts and regulations, and technical guidelines governing the use of e-signatures around the world.

Your organisation can use SignDoc to:

  • Reduce operational costs: Decrease paper usage for classic print-ship-scan processes.
  • Speed time to closure: Cut time needed to complete contracts or approvals from days to minutes.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Transform your customer experience using the communications channel of their choice ― on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Stay compliant:  Improve compliance by providing a digital and traceable, end-to-end audit trail of all process steps and transactions.
  • Secure operations: Mitigate risk of external or internal fraud attempts and help avoid litigation.

Improving your organisation’s performance means finding new ways to boost process efficiency and engage with both new and existing customers. Reducing paper usage for contracts, approvals, and other business documents helps cut costs and provide a positive customer experience.

SignDoc delivers a wide range of benefits across many industries customer and employee onboarding, in procurement processes, customer account management and service documentation as well as in payroll and finance processes.

Digitise from end-to-end

Simplify and expedite processes by replacing wet-ink signing with e-signatures. Integrate electronic signature software into existing systems while gaining insight from in-depth transaction reporting and monitoring.

Delight your customers

Give customers the communication channels of their choice to e-sign on any device—anytime, anywhere.

Optimise costs and resources

Decrease manual processes and paper-related costs by switching to electronic signatures. Redirect resources by automating manual tasks within signing and agreement workflows

The Benefits of SignDoc

Drives performance

Accelerate contract completion and approval times with multiple scenarios for e-signing, including e-forms at the point of sale.

Accelerates deals

Experience faster, easier signing ceremonies—whether the customer is in a store, branch, in the field or online.

Reduces risk

Mitigate fraud risk with multi-factor authentication, digital certificates and signature biometrics.

Ensures compliance

Improve compliance of legal requirements like US ESIGN Act and EU eIDAS regulations with a traceable, end-to-end audit trail.

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