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Outsource and save costs

September 7, 2011

Resellers are increasingly looking to outsource their business services

Outsourcing services, such as IT support, to third party specialists like ourselves, allows resellers to more closely control/reduce their operational costs and maintain/improve the level of customer service expected of them. They can also earn a margin on every service package sold into their customer base.

Outsourcing for Resellers

A lot of our channel partners already rely on us to provide 24/7 helpdesk and services for their customers.

All of the benefits with no investment
Our Services team have years of experience integrating and fully understanding the technology and solutions sold either directly, or through the Channel.

Opting to outsource saves our partners the cost and bother of having to train their own in-house support team and staff the operation out of office hours.

You get all the experience at a fraction of the cost, with no hassle. No worries about staff sickness, or finding cover for holidays, maternity leave, or jury service. You always have continuity and peace of mind that ‘everything is covered’.

Extending your workforce this way does not have to stop with technical helpdesk services – we provide a range of administrative services as well; marketing, telemarketing, virtual email response and customer enquiry helpdesk.

A highly skilled workforce

ProcessFlows’ outsourcing business is based in Bulgaria. Our operators are highly qualified; many of them to degree level and possess excellent language skills.

Not only do you get a cost effective solution to solving the resource problem, you gain a valuable, ‘virtual’ member of staff as well; someone who will be able to actively contribute to your team and add real value to your business credentials.

Nearshoring delivers the further benefit that time lines are more in line with the UK, which is more convenient to manage than an offshoring operation which can be at least 5 hours ahead of UK time.

Not having to recruit, train and fund an additional member of staff, gives partners more control and flexibility of their expenses and time to focus on core competencies and business development. All good strategies in uncertain times.

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ProcessFlows are offering a discount to all reseller partners on all services until the end of 2011.

Outsourcing for Resellers’ Customers

The same benefits can be applied to your customers. Everyone is looking to reduce costs and buoy their business operations during the downturn. Outsourcing allows them to do this. There is no capital outlay and services can be paid for on a month-by-month basis.

Gartner recently stated that the worldwide BPO market will expand by 6.3% in 2011 and 5% in 2012, so reselling outsourced services represents a good business opportunity for the foreseeable future.

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