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Be Lean – Automate Business Processes to Eliminate Waste and Increase Productivity

  Keith Taber, Solutions Consultant The term Lean Manufacturing (achieving more with less/compressing time) has been about for a while, but using the word manufacturing after lean is probably misleading. The concept of lean is not just restricted to manufacturing, but applies to the whole enterprise, including the supply chain, new product development processes and…

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How can barcodes help with document capture?

Although not easily interpreted by people, bar codes are easily ‘read’ by computers. They are a great way of capturing paper based information into electronic format, for importing into your document management system. Barcodes are used prior to scanning in several ways: Pre-printed on the document to give a unique ID Pre-printed on separator pages to indicate that…

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Voice enabled Unified Communications

We’ve just launched the latest version of CallXpress – CallXpress 8, with voice enabled dialing functionality. CallXpress works with your existing voice infrastructure, pulling the technologies together so you can receive all email, fax via email, phone and SMS messages in one place – your email environment. And because it is voice enabled, it listens…

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Electronic faxing saves time and reduces carbon footprint

Fax is still a trusted method of communication in the legal profession, but it can be costly. Law firm Thomas Eggar has ‘gone electronic’, getting rid of 20 energy consuming fax machines across their 6 office locations.   As well as saving the ongoing costs associated with fax hardware – line rental, machine rental and maintenance,…

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How Secure are Public Sector Fax Processes?

I guess the real question is “How secure is the humble fax machine sitting in the corner of your department?”   Todd Curtis, Public Sector Manager, ProcessFlows answers: Unfortunately, the answer is not secure at all! The vast majority of Public Sector organisations I visit have one thing in common; they are all wasting approximately…

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Some interesting facts about Open Text Document Server, Alchemy Edition document management

You may be interested to know that … Alchemy is used to store and access the 45.5 million records per annum that make up the UK electoral role. First Data, a provider of merchant processing services, process the equivalent of 32,000 CDs of data every month into an Alchemy database. Alchemy is used by over…

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Get the most out of your existing IT systems

On Tuesday 9th June, ProcessFlows is holding a seminar on the subject of maximising your existing, and often underused IT investment, to improve business process. The need to make your business processes run as efficiently as possible has never been greater. But with Capex budgets being slashed, there has never been a better time to…

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Making Records Management Bullet Proof

Over the last decade the government has been encouraging public sector bodies to keep electronic records of their transactions. This is because there is a gradual adoption of electronic document management in government which has diminished the need for paper archives.   Graham Robinson, Business Development Manager, ProcessFlows In 1999 The National Archives published a comprehensive specification…

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How big is virtualisation?

Q. VMWare……. Is it really as big as it looks?   Tim Muckart, Sales Manager for Financial Services, ProcessFlows: A. Oh Yes! VMware is to virtualisation what Hoover is to vacuum cleaning! It is massive and companies are desperate to get on the bandwagon. I rarely go into an organisation where they have not implemented,…

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The Multiple Methods of Data Capture

ProcessFlows frequently gets asked about the different methods of data capture.  Malcolm Wilkes explains them simply. Business Process Automation projects have to begin with capturing the data. Capturing data from business systems has long been considered the cheap easy option to start a process, because the data is there, it’s free! But how did it get there…

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