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Fax DOES Integrate into Modern IP Infrastructures

… And you do not need to convert IP voice calls into old style analogue calls to do this! Paul Bamberger, Technical Consultant at ProcessFlows recounts a recent conversation he had on the train with  a senior telecoms consultant who worked for a major UK telecommunications company. For many reasons, which I won’t bother you with,…

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Seven Ways to Cut Costs with Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a generic term for working with unstructured information -everything that is not considered to be data – in a better way. “Many independent reports agree that over 10% of knowledge-workers costs can be lost on searching for and manually processing information, and some claim 25% of employee time is frittered away…

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An eCabinet SharePoint Migration case study

Le Crossing Company Limited – responsible for the Dartford Crossing traffic management systems – had important data ‘locked away’ in a legacy redundant eCabinet network office appliance no longer supported by manufacturer Ricoh. They needed to extract the data and migrate it to SharePoint. Rob Davis, ProcessFlows: eCabinet is a 1990’s document imaging system; it automatically captures documents from…

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Fax Functionality Dropped in Microsoft Exchange 2010

Direct support for fax has been removed from the Unified Messaging server role in Exchange 2010 (source: Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter) Mike Rae, Sales Director, ProcessFlows Microsoft has decided to focus on fully software-powered telephony. Office Communicator 2010 and Office Communication Server take PBX out of the communications infrastructure. This is no doubt the way…

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We’ve changed our name to Avanquest ProcessFlows

For over 20 years, Avanquest Solutions has been helping enterprises streamline the way they do business and increase efficiency by automating the flow of information throughout the organisation. We have now gone with the flow and on 31st March 2010, changed our name to ProcessFlows. Chris Thompson, Managing Director, ProcessFlows: “We feel that ProcessFlows more…

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Recognition Software for Data Capture: Video Part 3

In Part 3 of our short Data Capture videos, Malcolm Wilkes discusses the benefits of different types of Data Recognition software: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – software reads machine produced text/characters (in defined zones of documents if required). Simple solution and very accurate. ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) – ‘intelligent’ software capable of reading hand written information as well as machine…

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Offshore Data Capture: Video Part 2

In part 2 of our short series of data capture videos, Malcolm Wilkes explains why choosing to send some documents overseas for manual entry makes good economic sense. [flv][/flv] Labour costs are less ‘Double-Keying’ improves accuracy Confidential information (data fields) can be split and entered by different people – added security as nobody sees the ‘complete picture’…

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Marine Claims Document Management

Claim and recovery agents WK Webster deal with 25,000 claims a year for 500 clients. We have been able to help them switch from their traditional paper based claim handling system to an electronic document management system which handles all correspondence from receipt to settlement. Graham Robinson, OnBase Account Manager As a result, the whole…

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Invoice Management Solution for LexisNexis

LexisNexis are using our Accounts Payable Plus (AP+) solution (integrated with PeopleSoft) to help manage their invoice approval operation for 15,000 suppliers and 70,000 annual documents. Isobel George, Accounts Payable Manager at LexisNexis, referred to their old finance culture as “An area that did a lot of churning, but produced little butter.” The Accounts Payable process…

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Data Capture: Part 1

Malcolm Wilkes, ProcessFlows: When we published one of our first blog posts – The Multiple Methods of Data Capture, we had no idea the subject was that popular. It has proven to us that Data Capture is something that organisations want to find out more about. Data Capture might at first be thought of as…

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