How to Replace Fax Machines without Disrupting Patient Care

The Challenge

The purchase of Fax machines has now been banned across the NHS. The NHS must now find a replacement form of communication that is modern, secure, reliable, cost effective and an easy means of communication that will avoid any disruption to patient care.

The Solution

For NHS Trusts looking to move away from the expense and hassle of using and maintaining traditional fax machines, there is a widely used, cost effective and often overlooked solution – Electronic Fax.

OpenText RightFax provides proven and reliable electronic fax and document delivery capabilities, giving healthcare organisations an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and affordable way to support the Health Secretary directive, whilst maintaining compliance, streamlining business processes and reducing administrative costs.

How does it work?

Electronic documents can be ‘faxed’ directly from almost any desktop application or back-office process. Full email client/server integration allows for sending and receiving faxes directly within all popular email software solutions. Inbound faxes can be delivered to the recipient’s inbox or directly into a workflow and hard copies can be faxed from any Multifunctional device, without the need for a telephone connection. We can install the right solution for your needs, whether that be an on-premise fax server, a hosted server, a cloud based solution or a managed service.


On-Premise | Fax Cards, FoIP

Best for control and security

RightFax Connect

On-Premise | IP to Cloud

Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid fax solution

Managed Service

Hosted | VPN

Delegate fax responsibility and enjoy stress-free communication

Cloud Fax

Hosted | SMTP

Leverage the cloud for easy, affordable fax

The Benefits

Electronic Fax allows the NHS to remove legacy Fax hardware and the associated costs whilst maintaining the ability to send and receive faxes with top level encryption, in a digital environment.

No need for fax hardware

Ease of use

Improve document security

Maintain business continuity

Reduce costs

Improve efficiencies

Reduce carbon emissions

The Next Steps

We are committed to helping the Healthcare sector and are now offering free expert consultancy to any NHS organisation looking to replace fax hardware.

To learn more or arrange free consultancy, please contact:

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