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ProcessFlows shares a vision with AVST

ProcessFlows and AVST share Microsoft’s vision of a cloud-based future where information and communications come together. This is the reason we develop highly interoperable Unified Communications (UC) apps that create an easier migration path for businesses to move to a Skype for Business future.

ProcessFlows promotes AVST’s UC apps in an effort to address key compliance and security requirements, while offering important communications features which are specifically designed to enrich the Skype for Business deployment process. Those include:

  • Skype for Business integration with existing PBX
  • Informal Call Centre
  • Secure Voice Messaging
  • Complex Call Routing/Automated Attendant
  • Mobile Client
  • Personal Assistant

The question, then, is how those features work to enhance Skype for Business.

5 ways to enhance and migrate to Skype for Business:

  1.  Interoperability – Integrate with existing multi-vendor telephony landscape with Skype for Business.
  2. Voice Messaging – Store Voice Messages outside of Exchange for compliance and confidentiality.
  3. Automated Attendant – Speech-enabled Automated Attendant handles the most complex call routing requirements.
  4. Mobility – Intelligent Call Routing and advanced Mobile Client delivering Secure Voice Messaging.
  5. Call Centre – TeamQ® is a cost-effective informal Call Centre designed for knowledge workers.

For more information email us at sales@processflows.co.uk or call us on 01962 935053.

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