One App, One Informal Call Centre

ProcessFlows would like to present TeamQ, the Unified Comms tool that matches the today’s fast paced and ever-changing work structure. It’s a call centre app that is not designed around the call centre worker whose full time job is to answer calls as they come in.

TeamQ is ideal for 25 agents who reside in a specialised team and require queue handling for incoming calls.

Additionally, TeamQ is designed for teams whose responsibilities are not limited to answering calls– like IT help desks, tech support crews or sales reps. TeamQ allows team members to regain control over their workflow. Consequently, it allows them to increase their efficiency, effectiveness, and by extension their productivity. TeamQ is robust enough to support up to 50 teams or queues, although ideally it is designed for small team environment.

Hunt Group & Call Centres

The so-called hunt groups are used by many people in an enterprise. What a hunt group does is take an incoming call and route it over multiple telephones. Hunt groups can be terminal, circular, longest-idle, and other, with their functionality changing according to varying requirement. The incoming call is forwarded to a group of agents until answered, or forwarded to a terminal number.

The technology behind human groups often creates a scenario where an agent takes an incoming call without looking, hears the issue, then shouts over the wall of their cubicle: “Get somebody who does network support to call on line two!” Needless to say, such situations create a far from ideal experience for all parties involves.

Then on the opposite side of the spectrum you have call management systems where big groups of agents take customer calls in headsets. They have plenty of tools such as ACD systems, call recording, reader boards, timers, supervisor reports, analytics – all designed to shave a few seconds off a call.

New Workforce, New Call Centre SolutionContacting agents

These days with the emerging workforce, a third option is required; a next generation of knowledge workers emerge where a small teams of specialists require a solution that is somewhere in the middle – an informal call centre solution. They need access to some vital call centre features, but at a fraction of the price.

  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Agent Desktop Control
  • Informative Screen Pops
  • A Supervisor Interface
  • Robust Reporting
  • Mobile-Ready, No Cubicles Necessary

Informal, But Powerful Call Centre Applications

Empower your agents, allowing them to regain control over workflows, improve time management, make informed decisions, and answer calls with confidence and control. With the TeamQ dashboard, agents can:

  • View all the calls in a queue
  • See information about the nature of the call
  • Decide which call to pull first
  • Reserve a call
  • Indicate when they’re done
  • Redirect a call
  • Decide when they’re ready for a next call

For more information on TeamQ, contact us today at

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