You Can't Manage What You Can't Control

“Absolutely no idea!”

That is the answer you will get 100% of the time to what I think is a very simple question.

That simple question being: ‘how many fax messages does your organisation still send or receive?’Fax machine

In this age of data compliance, why are so many organisations still burying their head in the sand when it comes to resolving ‘the issue of fax’?

The answer is very straightforward; they are hoping that the use of fax will simply disappear. It has not, and it will not.

Volumes of fax pages being sent and received within some (not all!) organisations have definitely fallen over the years. However, this does not excuse them from simply doing nothing about replacing fax machines and MFPs with fax cards which currently allow their staff to send documents with no auditable control or centrally managed reporting structure.

This is not a post endorsing the use of fax at all, but until the day when every single business process that uses fax has been removed, do you not think that organisations should at least have a ‘fax exit strategy’?

I am not stating fax is the future; just that RightFax is the future of fax.

The latest version of the world’s leading fax solution (V16) not only allows organisations to say goodbye to outdated fax machines, fax cards in MFPs & analogue telephony, but also provides a new module that provides a comprehensive dashboard view of fax history. This enables them to easily access, analyse, and identify system performance, volume statistics, and delivery information.

With easy access to this data, messaging activity can be quickly and easily evaluated which allows organisations to:

  • Monitor and investigate messaging activity for mission critical applications
  • Understand enterprise use and trends for faxing
  • Identify and react to messaging bottlenecks
  • Observe and respond to unacceptable message delivery rates

RightFax Analytics provides a quick-view dashboard that visually conveys the last one hour of data, last 24 RightFax Analytics Viewhours of data, and a rolling 30-day display in all three categories:

  • Dashboard:Leverages embedded analytics technology from OpenTextAnalytics best of breed intelligence capabilities. The main dashboard home page provides a simple and intuitive user interface to provide users a quick-view summary and allows users to drill down into any one of the available reports.
  • Fax Volume Counts:Summarises total fax counts by month, day or hour for faxes delivered to and from an organisation.
  • Fax Page Counts:Summarises total fax pages by month, day or hour for faxes delivered to and from an organisation.
  • Send Attempts:Show the success and failure rates for faxes, including drill down capabilities to view first call success rate, failure rate and detailed failure reason.

Once the RightFax solution is deployed, fax machines removed & MFPs integrated into RightFax an organisation will then have full control over how existing fax processes are sent or received; removing the risk of ICO or an industry regulatory fine.

Add the new Analytics Module and the organisation will then be able to manage and, if required, modify these processes. Simply put this module allows organisations to collaborate more closely with key stakeholders on user and application faxing performance by offering a ‘real time’ fax audit.

Unstructured, unmanaged, non-compliant fax processes should now be history. To learn more about the future of fax simply contact us at or via 01962 835053.

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