RightFax Remains the Most Trusted Fax Solution Provider

OpenText RightFax is not affected by the recent fax hack and remains the most trusted provider

On the 13th of August it was reported that fax had been hacked. The BBC reported that Fax had been hacked using “image data to infiltrate the internal networks; relying on aged fax protocols that define how data is prepared.”

The research was presented at a hacker convention in Las Vegas, Def Con Hacker by research group Check Point. The hackers started with the intention to gain control of a printer armed with only a phone line and fax number. The hackers sent a decoy image, loaded with malicious malware to an all-in-one device and were able to gain access to the internal network.

The researchers estimated that tens of millions of fax machines may be at risk. Yaniv Balmas of Check Point told the BBC, “Fax has no security measures built in – absolutely nothing.” Implying that fax is not as secure as once believed.

However, since the presentation OpenText, the market leader in fax solutions, has reported that the security issue was not reliant on the fax protocols, as originally suggested but isolated to specific operating systems, running on select HP devices. Proving the original research as misleading and the security threat specific to a singular manufacturer.

OpenText state,

“Our fax hardware, software and services do not utilize the same OS as the HP devices and do not contain the same remote code execution vulnerability. Rest assured this vulnerability does not extend to any OpenText fax solutions.”

OpenText fax solutions remain secure and trusted.

For more information on any of the fax solution distributed by ProcessFlows, please head over to our fax page or contact us for more information.

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