Introducing OpenText RightFax 16.4


RightFax version 16 enhancement pack 4, presents users with a wide range of new features, cloud services, add-ons and more. This enhancement pack offers users greater capabilities, allowing customers to alleviate admin responsibility and reclaim valuable resource.

The most exciting new addition is a full featured web client, this web client has all the functionality of the RightFax FaxUtil Windows client; allowing users to view their inbox, compose faxes, print faxes and manage their fax traffic.

This new release offers document conversions, content search, reporting automation, access to dashboards, thumbnails and customisable stamps. In addition to new features, 16.4 includes a number of improvements and updates to RightFax WebAdmin and Shared Services.

Of course, with cloud services being in the spotlight, OpenText have two new cloud solutions. SMS services, gives users the ability to send SMS notifications, reminders and more. Connect and Capture provides all the functionality of cloud capture services through a new integration.

May 25th saw the implementation of GDPR, making security and compliance a top priority for most European businesses. OpenText have added new security options and restrictions to this update helping users work towards compliance.

For a full list of features and updates within 16.4, please click here.

If you would like more information about RightFax lifecycles, please see below or talk to our sales team:

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