Did he really send a fax?

After the recent news that Lionel Messi sent a fax to Barcelona requesting a transfer, it seems that most of the internet is in shock that people actually still use fax.

Whilst the technology itself is thought of as old-fashioned, it is still used widely by some businesses, mainly by the legal sector and within the NHS that require the extra security and compliance that fax technology offers over and above other document delivery formats.

NHS Organisations where banned from purchasing new fax machines and tasked with removing them by April 2020, this was obviously stalled due to Covid 19, but that doesn’t mean that the task to update the technology used is over. We’re dedicated to helping NHS organisations replace their existing fax machines, read more here; https://processflows.co.uk/news/how-to-replace-fax-machines-without-disrupting-patient-care/

Where fax itself is still necessary, ProcessFlows provide electronic faxing solutions that replace the historic fax machine with more modern technology. Whatever your faxing need, we have the answer, with everything covered from On-Premise Fax Servers, to Hosted Fax Servers and Cloud Fax services. Users can send and receive Fax from the Desktop, with email integration if required, Fax from MFP devices with full Active Directory integration and security, and so on … in fact we can fax-enable pretty much any application or back-end process.

In case you’re really wondering, Messi didn’t actually send a fax as we know it, he sent a burofax – similar to a recorded delivery in the UK.

However, there’s no reason to be shocked about the use of fax and if you’re still using fax machines within your business, it’s now time to upgrade to digital fax.

Contact us now; sales@processflows.co.uk or 01962 835053.

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