What exactly is Business Process Automation?

Q. There are lots of terms spoken about – business process automation, business process reengineering, business process modelling, business process redesign, business process systems. Are they all the same thing?

Malcolm Wilkes

Malcolm Wilkes, Strategic Director, ProcessFlows:

A. They are all similar, but let’s be specific. Business Process Automation as defined by ProcessFlows is:

A combination of commercial applications and software integration(s) with an organisations existing line of business applications which allow people to measure, manage and control the unstructured data (such as email, fax, letters, invoices etc) flowing in, around and out of their organisation


  • The unstructured data is associated with the structured data contained within familiar line of business systems used every day and is used to trigger automated business processes.
  • By linking to familiar every day business systems it makes it easy for people to interact as they don’t need to learn anything new.
  • It drives business efficiency, delivering a competitive advantage and a speedy ROI.

Key to any successful Business Process Automation overhaul is understanding the business in the first place – the ‘pain points’ and future needs.

Only when this is clearly understood can the applications and various software components be discussed.

Elizabeth George, Accounts Payable Manager at LexisNexis, highlighted the importance of working with a partner who is able to actively listen, is flexible as priorities change, has shared objectives and is keen to develop a long term relationship, as key reasons for selecting ProcessFlows to implement their Purchase to Pay solution (AP+).

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