NHS Attached to 90s Tech – Fax Hardware

Remember 1990?

Sinead O’Connor was number one in the charts, the England team reached the semi-final of the World Cup and nothing compared to your fax machine. Fast forward to 2018, England relives semi-final dreams and the Fax Machine is still in demand within the NHS.

In a world where robot assisted surgery is on the horizon, it seems bizarre that the humble Fax machine hardware is so deep-rooted and extensively used within our Healthcare sector; with the NHS hestitant to move to cloud based fax solutions.

Richard Kerr of the Royal College of Surgeons has spoken out against the NHS and his disappointment in their inability to move on from Fax machines, “As digital technologies begin to play a much bigger role in how we deliver healthcare, it’s absolutely imperative that we invest in better ways of sharing and communicating.”

A 2017 report published by DeepMind Health stated that the NHS is the largest purchaser of fax machines with as many as 10,000 in operation, according to Labour Party statistics. With each aged fax machine needing ongoing maintenance and dedicated support, it’s clear to see why individuals are calling out for change.

The question is, why are a large proportion of Trusts reluctant to move to a cloud-based fax solution?

Cloud Fax abolishes the need for on-premise hardware and effectively cuts maintenance and telecom costs. ProcessFlows Fax-to-Mail provides all the functionality and capability of fax hardware in a cloud environment. As a result, cloud fax dramatically reducing costs, increasing productivity and alleviating valuable resources.

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