Cirrato : THE Print Management Solution for the Construction Industry

Remove all print servers and enjoy centralised control over all printers on the network with just one server and a guarantee that printing always works with Cirrato’s patented technology.

Cirrato for construction companies

For construction companies it is vital that delays in building work are kept to a minimum.

Printing is a key component that is required to keep things moving forward, both in the office and at remote building sites. Choosing the Cirrato single server print management solution offers full control over printing and comes with a guarantee that printing will always work.

Construction worker using Cirrato on a tablet

A reliable print infrastructure is an essential component of a well run construction project. When there are print issues due to bandwidth, server or print driver issues a project will soon encounter difficulties. Here are just two reasons why:

1) Reliable printing keeps a project on track

Enabling new, more detailed, or updated documents to be viewed by all members of the team as a project progresses is vital. A reliable print infrastructure helps to ensure that a project stays on track, plans are followed and costly mistakes are avoided.

2) Printing brings plans to life

Printers bring to life the precision and detail of end to end projects and allow hard copies of plans, drawings and health and safety documents to be on hand in the office and on site with engineers. Intricate plans & drawings are the lifeblood of every major project.

Remote site bandwidth issues affecting printing will become one of yesterday’s issues with direct IP Printing.

Cirrato unique technology sends print jobs directly from the computer to the printer and just once over a local area network. The data that travels over a wide area network are small ‘messages’ – no more than 3-5kB for an entire print job, regardless of what is printed. The data in these messages allow the Cirrato server to check permissions and print availability/capability before releasing the print job. This unique technology ensures that remote sites can continue to print 24×7 and bandwidth issues due to printing are resolved.

With Cirrato printing always works

Learn how some of Europe’s leading construction firms have implemented Cirrato and removed the substantial costs of their print servers and improved the printing experience for their users here.

If you would like more information on Cirrato One, please click here or contact us on:+44 (0) 1962 835053, or email

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