4 Ways Recording Customer Interactions Gives Your Business Superpowers

When it comes to customer interaction or the ginger mohawk you attempted to grow at the age of 15, the same principle applies – pics or it didn’t happen. Recording data, experiences and events empowers us to build upon our existing knowledge, to analyse and constantly improve. It can also save us when need be.

Your business is no exception to this rule – record and your efforts shall be rewarded. See our list of 4 ways in which recording interactions between employees and customers gives your business superpowers and we’re sure you’ll never neglect that side of your business again.

Gather business Intelligence

Companies are willing to pay good money to gain market intelligence and find out what their customers want. Your marketing director salivates at the prospect of reading customers’ mind to craft engaging marketing campaigns with high conversion rates.

The conversations your customer service representatives have with customers are invaluable for the insight they provide on the issues your
customers regularly face, how adequately your organisation solves them, how your product/service performs, why they choose you over the competition, why they leave you and what they want to see improved.

You’d be crazy not to listen.

The best customer interaction recording (CIR) solutions available on the market offer multichannel recording, intuitive centralised dashboard, security customisation and analytics. Record, collect and analyse this information to better your offering, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational procedures.

Build a team of superheroes

We’ve established that it’s worth listening to your customers, but equally – it’s worth listening to the other side of the conversation. Recording customer interaction provides insight on how your customer service representatives communicate.

Apart from the obvious implications this has for quality management purposes, use the opportunity to single out fantastic service, reward it, and also set as an example during training sessions for new starters. By showcasing good service and laying out your expectations beforehand, you instil in your new employees the standard they need to strive towards.

Distinguishing the soft skills that make customer service excellent is arguably more important than having trainees memorise website T&Cs or recite the SOP doc before bed. Product training is essential, but communication skills are harder to teach.

Use interaction recording to nurture a team of superhero customer service representatives by showing them how it’s properly done before they even dip their toes in the turbulent waters of client management.

Cover your back – compliance and managed risk

Recording your customer interactions ensures you are aligned with necessary regulations and compliance standards. Businesses need to be able to measure and monitor conversations with customers to help resolve any customer disputes, misinformation claims or legal actions.

At times when event reconstruction is required, a modern interaction recording solution is instrumental in allowing you to locate key interactions quickly and easily. Choose a solution containing advanced reporting and customised dashboard options to ensure all the necessary information is not only there, but easy to browse, access and present.

Use it for good, not for evil

Finally, a little note of caution. As much as customer interaction recording is a necessary tool that can boost your business success, deliver unique insights into your employee-customer interaction and help you understand and address emerging trends; as with any tool it matters how you use it.

You can incentivise employees by rewarding excellent service, improve staff training and focus effort on increasing customer satisfaction using
it. However, don’t succumb to the temptation to use interaction recording to scare your employees into submission, punish poor performance, or monitor what they do on their screens all day. Such measures do not promote productivity but quite the contrary – cause demotivation and encourage staff turnover.

In conclusion

Customer interaction recording systems let businesses capture, store and review all customer interactions in a single centralised software. They lead to improved:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Training methods
  • Employee motivation
  • Customer recovery
  • Operational procedures
  • Business intelligence

As well as allowing you to take better care of your customers and employees, such solutions are an investment that, if used properly, can improve sales and increase revenue in the long term while honing your competitive edge.

ProcessFlows only works with best-of-breed software solutions to make sure our clients always have access to cutting-edge technology. We distribute RECITE by Numonix, which is a highly secure, compliant and award-winning interaction recording suite.

For more information, call us on +44 (0) 1962 835053, or email sales@processflows.co.uk.

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