You Need to Communicate to Educate

Universities are home to a large student, faculty and staff population. A communications solution needs the capability to support multiple colleges, departments, buildings and locations. That’s no small feat. In a typical university environment, when parts of the telephony infrastructure began reaching end of life, the needs for a new solution are anything but simple. Interoperability…

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Birthday Cheers to AVST

ProcessFlows would like to wish AVST a very happy birthday. This month is an exciting milestone for AVST as they are celebrating 35 years as a trusted developer of enterprise-class unified communications solutions. The communications industry has been in a constant shift for the past four decades, but AVST has been able to keep the…

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Mobile UC for the Digital Workplace

Advances in mobile communications have created new standards for boosting engagement, productivity and agility in the workplace. ProcessFlows recognises this, which is why we have been working with AVST for so long to enable organisations to meet those standards. Your office travels with you A secure Mobile Client for iPhone or Android allows workers to…

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One App, One Informal Call Centre

ProcessFlows would like to present TeamQ, the Unified Comms tool that matches the today’s fast paced and ever-changing work structure. It’s a call centre app that is not designed around the call centre worker whose full time job is to answer calls as they come in. TeamQ is ideal for 25 agents who reside in…

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If You’re Switched on You’ll Switch Off

The NHS has been making slow but steady progress towards a paperless future. The latest development in their transformation comes from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH), whose respective hospital sites who have officially switched off their fax machines. To that, we at ProcessFlows say congratulations! Fax machines have long been a pain point…

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What’s Your Vision?

ProcessFlows and AVST share Microsoft’s vision of a cloud-based future where information and communications come together. This is the reason we develop highly interoperable Unified Communications (UC) apps that create an easier migration path for businesses to move to a Skype for Business future. ProcessFlows promotes AVST’s UC apps in an effort to address key…

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What are the 3 biggest Microsoft migration questions?

And more importantly, what are the answers? Question 1: After the Exchange Online UM deadline, what’s the next move? Since Microsoft’s announcement that it will discontinue support for Session Border Controllers (used to connect third-party PBX systems to Exchange Online Unified Messaging) next July, Microsoft customers have begun mass migration in search of an alternative…

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A Brief History of Call Recording

There was a time when voice loggers were the future of call recording. They, along with tape drives were used in an emerging call recording market in the 80s and 90s. The problem was that early call recording solutions were bulky, physical things requiring premises. What’s more, they came at a high monetary and administrative…

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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Control

“Absolutely no idea!” That is the answer you will get 100% of the time to what I think is a very simple question. That simple question being: ‘how many fax messages does your organisation still send or receive?’ In this age of data compliance, why are so many organisations still burying their head in the…

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Call Recording: What’s Next on the Frontier?

Did you know that 55% of US organisations are using Skype for Business (S4B) as their PBX to enhance unified communications capabilities? We’re coming up to the end of the year, where it’s been predicted that there will be over 100 million S4B seats in the market. While some S4B interactions take place internally within…

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ProcessFlows Practises What it Preaches with SMS

For three decades, ProcessFlows has been distributing best-of-breed technology t...

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Options for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Customers

29th November 2017
As of July 2018 Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Session Border Controllers to connect 3r...

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You Need to Communicate to Educate

Universities are home to a large student, faculty and staff population. A commun...

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