ProcessFlows Relaunch Channel Partner Programme

Associated Downloads Press Release – ProcessFlows Relaunches their Channel Partner Programme ProcessFlows have relaunched their Channel Partner Programme reaffirming their commitment to their Channel partners. For over 30 years, ProcessFlows has delivered innovative and business enhancing software solutions creating not just a wealth of experience, but also a highly-skilled team of business consultants and analysts.…

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3 Reasons Why It’s time to Revisit the Digital Mailroom

OK – so we’ve all heard of the Digital Mailroom.   But just like the Big Brother TV series it’s a concept that is a little dated right? Wrong! The digital mailroom, or mailroom automation as it is also known, is having somewhat of a renaissance – and when you look closely it’s easy to…

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4 Fax Myths People Still Believe

Fax has been around for quite a while now, which means that while it’s well established as a strong method of communication, it’s also had its fair share of time grinding through the rumour mill. Myths seem to surge around technological advances as other technologies become obsolete, but fax always rides it out. Misinformation has…

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SMS Buzzwords Explained: What is SMS A2P?

Have you seen the amount of people glued to their phones these days? It’s no coincidence that organisations have been increasingly using SMS to get their messages out – marketing, reminders, alerts – whatever they may be. 98% of the UK populace own a mobile phone, so what better method is there to connect to…

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WannaCry – the Gift that Keeps On Giving?

If you enjoy receiving gifts, you probably won’t like the offerings of WannaCry, the ransomware that attacked over 75,000 PCs last month. In fact, it’s more of a taker than a giver. The ransomware stormed through NHS organisations, 90% of which still use Windows XP, and demanded ransoms in the form of bitcoins. Those who…

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The Hidden Hero: Emergency SMS

When an emergency occurs, it’s critical to communicate as quickly as possible to relevant parties. With the advent of mobile phones came the advent of text messaging and instant communication. It makes sense that this has risen in popularity to become acknowledged as one of the best forms of emergency communication. Why are more and…

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Millennials Are Everywhere

Millennials are everywhere: they’re invading your office; they’re disruptors; they’re young. Who are these people? Qualification Criteria of a Millennial Have they ever used a pay phone? Have they ever owned a beeper? Do they have an AOL email address? If the answer is no, you have millennials in your office. Who are these people? They…

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Digital Transformation – Start Here >>

Digital transformation is here – at least if you listen to or read the hundreds of blogs, videos, and articles that keep talking about it.   But what is Digital Transformation?   For many the term simply means the digitisation of specific processes within the business – things like accounts payable, or customer on-boarding, or…

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ProcessFlows isn’t Alone in its Flirty Thirties

1987 was an important year, not just for pop culture but for Mark Steward, who we know as Senior Technical Consultant at ProcessFlows. It was the year that ProcessFlows was formed in its original state, EPS, and Mark was one of the first to join its ranks. Little did he know that three decades later…

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5 Strategic UC Technologies in Education

It’s clear that technology is a key enabler of learning across many educational institutions in the UK. IT staff are being tasked with implementing new digital technologies within existing infrastructure and creating a seamless user experience. This isn’t just within the remit of Higher Education, either. Secondary, Primary and even Infant schools know the value…

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ProcessFlows Practises What it Preaches with SMS

For three decades, ProcessFlows has been distributing best-of-breed technology t...

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ProcessFlows Relaunch Channel Partner Programme

ProcessFlows have relaunched their Channel Partner Programme reaffirming their c...

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