What are the IT & Data Risks to your business?

We have developed a formal IT Health Check assessment to help businesses understand their IT and data compliance gaps and risks  as well as see what is required to take back control and manage your IT and data risks.

90% of customers we tested have unacceptable risks associated with their IT & data – in the majority cases customers and IT teams were not even aware of the risks identified.

IT resilience & data risks are leaving businesses, their customers and entire operations completely exposed. What’s your level of exposure and what do you need to do to take back control?

Find out now before it is too late.

IT Management & Data Risk Statistics


of IT leaders are struggling to keep up with everyday and essential IT Management tasks.

1.4 million

UK businesses suffered from security breaches in 2019 costing them a total of £8.8 billion.


of end points have vulnerabilities in the 1st scan. 1 in 4 servers aren’t patched.


Small Businesses struggle to recover from an attack. 43% of all attacks target small businesses.


of UK businesses say they have been compromised by malware & 64% by phishing on a frequent basis.

Our Approach to Managing & Assessing your IT & Data risks

Our IT & Data compliance Health check service is a comprehensive 360° assessment of your entire IT infrastructure & data across all connected devices, systems as well as the network itself.

Our accredited experts work with you to install and complete a comprehensive and tailored assessment of all aspects of your IT health, security and status checks – from software patching, end-point security status through to Port & Access vulnerabilities, content filtering, data compliance risks, Back-ups management checks, Hardware status i.e CPU or disk space.

At the end of the assessment one of our technical consultants will interpret the results and then present and explain any IT resilience & data compliance risks as well as how to address them in an online meeting.

If you would like us to deliver any managed IT services or just fill certain gaps we can provide proposals and be ready to deliver them straight away based on the assessment data and agent.  Otherwise, the monitoring and management agent is switched off and removed at the end of the month.

The Benefits of an IT Health Check & Data Compliance Assessment

know your customers

Assessment delivered & recommendations explained by IT experts to help back control of your critical IT & Data before its too late


360° view of your IT resilience and data risk to your business – across your infrastructure, data compliance, operating systems and software


informed decisions

Discovery & visibility of entire infrastructure and all connected assets & devices

lower costs

There’s no cost and no obligation to purchase our managed services or the report.


The results are interpreted by expert IT consultants. They present and explain the findings and their recommendations back to you in a virtual meeting. 

The IT Health Check can be tailored to your requirements. It can include a Data compliance risk assessment including personal or payment data


Our Experts Present and Explain their Findings &  Recommendations back to you

Our Team of expert take time to interpret the data from the assessment and present the findings and their recommendations back to you in a confidential meeting. You can ask any questions and there are no obligations. An example presentation is below

Get Your IT Health Check & Take Back Control in 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Contact us today to book an online consultation with an IT expert to discuss your requirements & challenges, use the booking form to directly access our IT Analysts diary or give us a call on +44 (0)1962 835053.

Step 2

A dedicated technical consultant will setup the assessment & monitoring working with you. They will  complete the mid-assessment review & be your contact for any queries.

Step 3

The full assessment typically takes 28 days. Once it is complete, our experts interpret the findings before presenting and explaining your status, gaps, risks and their recommendations to you.

Step 4

At the end of the process – if you don’t want us to deliver the any of the recommendations as a managed service, the Agent is switched off and removed.

Every IT Health Check & Assessment is delivered by our Team of Accredited Technical Experts

What’s Your IT challenge? Book an appointment with our IT Experts

Whether you a business that’s not happy with your existing IT support – in-house or Managed Service Provider or small IT team looking for extra support – we can help fill the gaps.

We use this IT Heath check assessment for all new customers to ensure we understand their IT, risks and requirements so we can propose Managed Services that deliver on their needs and our promises.

Book your appointment with our team here  to discuss your free IT health check and IT challenges.

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Jamie Chesterman

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Nic Rowley

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Steve Herbert

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Adrian Manson

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Cosmin Vasiliu

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More Information & How Can We Help?

We offer no-obligation assessments, consultations to help you consider and identify the right approach to managing your IT. To book our IT Health check or to find out more, please fill in the form below, email enquiries@processflows.co.uk or call +44 (0)1962 835053.

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