What’s the True State of Your IT & Data?

We developed a Free of charge 30 day  formal IT Health check Assessment to help you understand your IT gaps, risks and options for moving forward and taking back control.

Every business and organisation is facing unprecedented complexity and change exacerbated by Covid-19. New business priorities mean more pressure on IT to deliver deeper cuts in costs – all whilst deliver new support levels, removing risk and supporting IT enabled business innovation.

Since March, 50% of the entire UK workforce have been working from home on remote technologies & IT. It has exposed gaps in IT operations as well as introduced new risks, new support requirements and threats to business.  This was from a starting point where over 70% of IT leaders said they were spending too much just on keep the “IT lights ON”.

IT Health Check Statistics


of the entire UK workforce is working from home posing new it changes.

1.4 million

UK businesses suffered from security breaches in 2019 costing them a total of 8.8 billion pounds.


of end points have vulnerabilities in the 1st scan. 1 in 4 servers aren’t patched.


IT and IOT devices and end points actively managed across the UK.

The Benefits of Data Compliance and IT Health check

Delivered by IT experts – no sales teams involved

Status Monitoring & 360° Healthcheck of your entire infrastructure

Discovery & visibility of entire infrastructure, assets & devices

No obligations to continue working with us after we have delivered your 360° IT data compliance and Healthcheck

The results & recommendations of trusted IT professionals

Dive in further and uncover any existing data compliance risk that could lead to substantial fines

Our Approach to Assessing your IT Health

Our IT & Data compliance Health check service is a comprehensive 360° assessment of your entire IT infrastructure & data across all connected devices, systems as well as the network itself.

Our accredited experts work with you to complete a comprehensive and tailored assessment of all aspects of your IT health, security and status including software patching, end-point security status through to Port & Access vulnerabilities, content filtering, data compliance risks, Back-ups management checks, Hardware status i.e CPU or disk space.

At the end of the assessment one of our consultants will present to you a complimentary & confidential summary of the findings and with any remedial recommendations. If we wish, you can also continue with the monitoring and management service tailored to your needs for a monthly fee.

Every IT Health Check & Assessment is delivered by our Team of Accredited Technical Experts

Get your IT health check & Take Back Control in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

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Step 2

A dedicated technical consultant will complete the assessment with you & lasts 30 days.

Step 3

30 days later we present our finding including status, gaps, risks and recommendations

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We offer a formal IT Health check Assessment to help you identify your IT gaps, risks and opportunities as well as provide expert advice for managing your IT and moving forward.

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Nic Rowley

Nic Rowley

IT Technical Analyst

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