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Help is at hand to ease the burden of budget cuts within the Public Sector

October 26, 2012

As local authorities are pressed to make more and more cuts whilst having to constantly improve customer service levels, the delivery of people-intense local government services is bound to be re-shaped.

The most recent example of the pertinence of this problem is Birmingham City Council. Sir Albert Bore, the leader of UK’s largest local authority, announced that the body needs to make £600m worth of savings by 2017, £120m of which in the next financial year alone. Ultimately, the savings might have to come at the price of thousands of job losses and decommissioning of essential services.

There are alternative solutions that could help alleviate the problem, such as shifting services to less expensive delivery channels, moving to more transactional activities where customers could access more information online and fill electronic forms and automating internal processes in order to empower workers to handle more critical activities.

Re-organisation of processes and staff already has a proven record of return on investment (ROI) in the private sector and is increasingly being taken up by public sector organisations. This might well be the best solution to their cost saving troubles.

ProcessFlows offers excellent document management solutions based on best-of-breed modular software that could be integrated seamlessly into any existing system. From Document capture and workflow through to print management, there are a number of Business Process Automation solutions that can provide a substantial ROI and assist any public sector organisation meet their budget reduction targets. And for those organisations looking to save on staffing costs, ProcessFlows can also offer Business Process Outsourcing.

For more information on how ProcessFlows could help, please visit our website or please click here to read the full article about Birmingham City Council.

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