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Harvard Engineering – a Business Intelligence Case Study

January 9, 2014

ProcessFlows Business Intelligence Dashboards puts the Spotlight on Performance Management for Harvard Engineering

Harvard Engineering design and manufacture lighting solutions which are used extensively in commercial premises. They have implemented ProcessFlows Dashboard Software for Engineering in order to help drive enhanced performance and visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the organisation.

Harvard EngineeringAn easy to understand ‘view’ of finance, sales and production data

ProcessFlows advanced dashboard solution seamlessly integrates with existing business systems including Harvard’s supply chain optimisation solution, SolveIT, as well as Microsoft Access databases.

As a result of the implementation, Harvard benefits from greater visibility of its finance, sales and production KPIs, empowering the Executive team and staff with fast access to accurate performance data, presented in a meaningful, easy-to-use visual format.

John McDonnell, Managing Director of Harvard Engineering, comments:

It is my belief that what is measured gets done, so it’s imperative that staff have an accurate view of achievement that they can interpret easily and act on.

We chose ProcessFlows Dashboards because it provides a highly visual perspective of our KPIs, consolidating information from a variety of existing data sources. ProcessFlows Dashboards not only delivers ultra-fast access to information to those who need it most within our business, but we now have the reassurance that any decisions taken are based on a single version of the truth.

ProcessFlows Dashboards is extremely easy to use, so we can drill-down to analyse our data more deeply with just a few mouse clicks.

The end of the spreadsheet report

Previously, KPI information was shared via spreadsheets and key sales information was displayed via whiteboards within Harvard’s offices.

Using ProcessFlows Dashboards, critical performance metrics including daily, weekly and monthly sales figures and cumulative achievement are now interactively displayed via video monitors, offering an accurate dashboard view of the company’s performance.

By delivering proactive alerts to potential variances and shortfalls, as well as highlighting trends, users can take fast action to maintain performance levels and maximise opportunities, which ultimately aids efficiency, service delivery and cost effectiveness.

Information is empowering

Concluding, McDonnell says:

It’s our goal to remain a global leader for the design and manufacture of premium lighting solutions, so it’s imperative that our products and client service are second to none.

ProcessFlows Dashboards enables us to manage every aspect of our business more effectively than before, because we can now act quickly to deal with potential issues immediately. I can see endless applications for dashboards in our organisation; if we have the data, we can analyse it and use it to spot trends, identify possible issues and respond more quickly to keep our performance on track.

I wholeheartedly recommend ProcessFlows Dashboards to other manufacturing organisations with the desire to drive significant performance improvements.

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