Many processes require employees to share and collaborate on documents across multiple devices, both within an organisation or with people outside of your organisation – from customers and vendors to constituents and auditors. ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organisation retains ownership and control over these documents.

Historically much of the file syncing and sharing taking place has been enacted by users themselves and was popularised and accomplished utilising 3rd party solutions such as Dropbox and OneNote. The primary drawback to those products is that content is distributed outside of the corporate firewall managed by users outside of corporate security protocols.

Retain Control of your Documents

ShareBase uses corporate email addresses to create user accounts, ensuring your organisation retains ownership of any shared information. Administrators tightly control who uses the product and determine which users can share externally. When users manually share documents, they can assign rights and permissions at the folder-level all the way down to the individual document-level.
When users leave your organisation or change roles, rights can easily be revoked or transferred, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access and ensuring continuity during any personnel transitions. An audit trail allows you to see exactly what content is being shared and accessed and by whom.

Share with Confidence in a Purpose-Built Cloud

ShareBase is hosted in a cloud specifically designed for content management, utilising data centres strategically positioned around the globe. Your IT department will choose what region and data centre your information will be located and backed up. Your corporate data will never be co-mingled with that of other organisations. Every customer is given unique encryption keys, protecting your information from unauthorised access.

Stand alone, or a fantastic extension

As an added advantage to those people already utilising OnBase, ShareBase allows you to share content managed in OnBase with individuals both inside and outside your organisation. Using workflow business rules, OnBase automatically adds documents to ShareBase and notifies recipients via emails containing secure links – with options to add password protection and expiration dates.
When a business process requires individuals to add new or updated documents, OnBase can automatically create secure folders in ShareBase for documents to be uploaded into. Once in ShareBase, documents are automatically imported and indexed into OnBase.

We think File Sync and Share is no longer just a “nice-to-have” for organisations. If you’re not sure that it’s needed at your company, perhaps you should consider surveying users to determine how many are already utilising the 3rd Party consumer versions. Don’t be surprised if you find out they’re being used far more than you suspected.

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