OnBase is a fully modular solution – all functionality is broken down into specific areas which may be individually licensed as required. With a very few exceptions (peripheral modules not included in the proposed solution) all OnBase functionality has been developed in-house by Hyland Software. This give two primary benefits:

  • Each module runs from the same core database and is fully integrated with all the others.
  • When a customer needs to expand the system by adding new functionality, there will typically be little or no deployment required, save entering the license code. At which point the new items immediately become available.

The total number of modules available now exceeds 100, and so a detailed description of each is too extensive for this document. The following is a partial list of current modules representing the most commonly purchased and the most relevant to this proposal.

Server Modules:

Multi-User License, Web Server, EDM Services, Integration with Lotus Notes, Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Virtual Print Driver, Plumtree Portal Extension, Monarch Data Mining Integration, Monarch Web-based Integration, Single User License, Storage Integration for Centera, Storage Integration for Tivoli, Medical Records Management, Medical Records Viewer, Document Knowledge Transfer, GeoDoc (ESRI Integration), Novel GroupWise

Client Modules:

Concurrent client, Workstation client, Named User client, Host Enabler Concurrent client, Host Enabler Workstation client, Signature / ID client, Digital Signatures, 132 Column Video Font

OpenText Workflow Server, .NET Edition Modules:

OpenText Workflow Server Departmental Server, Workflow Enterprise Server, Workflow Concurrent client, Workflow Workstation client, Workflow Named User client

Application Enabler Modules:

Application Enabler, Enterprise Application Enabler

Input Modules:

COLD / ERM, Advanced COLD / ERM, PCL Input Filter, AFP Input Filter, DJDE Input Filter, Document Import Processor, Advanced Document Import Processor, Tag Import Processor – XML, Subscription Server, RightFax Import Integration, Cardiff Liquid Office Integration, Remittance Processor, Statement Designer, HL7 Integration, 835 Processor, 837 Processor, Autostore Route to OnBase Component, SAP Integration, Physical Records Management, Record and Information Management

E-Form Modules:

E-Forms, Mobile E-Forms Server, Mobile E-Forms client

Imaging Modules:

Production Document Imaging, ISIS Document Imaging, Disconnected Scanning Module, Desktop Document Imaging, Web Scanning Named User, Front Office Scanning Module, Cardiff TELEform Integration, ReadSoft Eyes & Hands Integration, ActionPoint Input Accel Integration, Kofax Ascent Capture Integration, Top Image Systems AFPSPRO Integration, Lawson Integration for AP, PeopleSoft V.8 Dual Window Indexer, Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN), Image Segment Archiver

WorkView Modules:

WorkView, WorkView Concurrent client, WorkView Workstation client, WorkView Named client

Full Text Modules:

Verity Full Text Indexing Server, Verity Full Text Indexing Concurrent client, Verity Full Text Indexing Named User client, Verity Full Text Indexing Workstation client, Verity Migration Tool, Microsoft Full Text Indexing Server, Microsoft Full Text Indexing Concurrent client, Microsoft Full Text Indexing Named User client, Microsoft Full Text Indexing Workstation client

Output Modules:

CD Authoring, DVD Authoring, Automated CD Authoring, Automated DVD Authoring, Automated CD Publishing, KOM Optistorm Integration, Publishing, Export, Exception Reports, ACH Generator, Print Distribution, Batch OCR, Image Statements, Document Distribution, Document Retention, Report Services, eMortgage Delivery Module


Archival API, Reverse API, Query API, Custom Web Indexing Platform, Host Enabler.

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