In an environment that is teeming with disruption and new ways of working, BusinessOptix is enabling organisations to achieve positive business outcomes through the use of business modelling and process design tools.

BusinessOptix is a cloud-based business modelling and process design platform that enables organisations to deliver enterprise change & transformation, connect strategy to execution, accelerate the pace of digital business, improve operational performance and reuse and monetise intellectual property.

  • Enables organisations to create, collaborate, publish, manage and reuse models, processes, documents, data, knowledge and methods that are crucial to their initiatives. All in one place, and quicker and more effectively than ever before.
  • Eliminates the traditional challenges of using separate business process/workflow, knowledge and document management, portal and office productivity tools. For example, BusinessOptix is able to create a model or process and capture contextual data and knowledge – ensuring that you do not need multiple repositories, applications or tools to store different sets of data related to the one initiative or project.
  • Goes beyond adding structure and process by enabling users to add knowledge and publish this portals that all stakeholders can access.

BusinessOptix can operate across a range of activities that require organisation design, business process management, modelling and or re-engineering; process improvement, mapping and modelling, and stepped or incremental change and improvement, BusinessOptix has the capabilities to help organisations deliver. Using BusinessOptix all levels of the organisations can come together with the right tools to create, use and share so they quickly achieve demonstrable value.

BusinessOptix Diagram


BusinessOptix has a range of tools and capabilities to help you discover, define and deliver your initiative. BusinessOptix includes:

Author Map, model, capture and document requirements, processes, diagrams, models, org charts, methods, transition plans and best practices using the intuitive authoring tool.
Master Data Upload or create a central store of data for use across your initiatives. For example, uploaded job roles and systems, associate them to multiple projects and when the person or system changes see that change replicated across all initiatives.
Template Designer Create templates, methods and tools that can be shared and reused by you and your team. For example create a framework for core business operations including project management, compliance and regulations and operations.
Scenario Tool Create as-is and to-be states of current and future processes and diagrams. Also compare the old and new against financial models and time-based metrics.
Sharing / Collaboration Publish your requirements, processes, operating models and notes in a central store where colleagues, clients and partners can access them for review, to edit, contribute and reuse – wherever they are.
Portal Create and publish content and knowledge including processes, policies, procedures, how-to guides, handbooks, manuals, quizzes, surveys and training materials in a portal for employees and partners to access and use.
Reporting Track, monitor and continuously improve your initiatives with operational intelligence direct from your models, processes and workflows.
Import Files Import existing processes, diagrams, models and data in formats such as Visio, PDF PowerPoint, Word, Excel and a range of 3rd party workflow / BPM formats.
Export File Formats Export your files in Visio, PDFs and PowerPoint file formats.
Cloud Storage Store and share a cloud-based library of everything you create in BusinessOptix.
Stencil Designer Create your own process and model design stencils based on industry standards, for example ITIL, eTOM, TOGAF and ISO/BSI.
Integrator Use open-standards to integrate BusinessOptix tools and applications with your core applications to support data capture, sharing and training.

Whichever tools you are using today, BusinessOptix’s intuitive platform can help increase your productivity.

BusinessOptix in Use

Change and transformation
Change and transformation are fast becoming part of everyday life as organisations need to adapt to succeed and stay relevant. From the CEO to the head of transformation, analyst and front line staff, everyone has a role to play.

Whether working on strategic transformation, digital transformation or change management, BusinessOptix enables all internal and external stakeholders to play an active role in change and transformation initiatives.

For example, the C-team can define the strategy and targeted outcomes, while change and transformation teams can execute the strategy in a shared workspace that ensure bi-directional communication and timely delivery of the initiative.

BusinessOptix single platform is being used to transformation organisations today. The platform’s capabilities help to understand where the organisation is today and design the organisation of the future. Using BusinessOptix, you are able to create a layered view of the organisation, gather requirements, understand the as-is and design the to-be processes, capture and use master data, document and share outputs in real-time, and track progress and outcomes during and post completion.

Digital Business
Digital is driving significant change in business models and the way organisations function.

BusinessOptix enables organisations to harness the digital opportunity to redefine how they do business and implement new ways of working which are responsive to change.

Examples of BusinessOptix capabilities includes enabling organisations to:

  • Re-architect their business using business modelling tools to design and implement new digital business and operating models
  • Use agile methodologies to speed up go-to-market strategies and ongoing delivery
  • Create and integrate multiple channels to support digital and traditional customer experiences

BusinessOptix single platform is being used to create new business and target operating models, and operational processes. This includes model and process design, requirements gathering, understanding as-is and designing to-be processes, capturing and using master data, documenting and sharing outputs in real-time and enabling all levels of the organisation to track progress and the outcomes of their efforts during and post completion.

Strategy to execution
To make a real difference, great strategies require great execution.

BusinessOptix enables organisations to realise their strategies by directly connecting them to execution activities.

For example, BusinessOptix can be used to help create and deliver your strategic planning process. Then once your strategy is set the platform can bring it to life through clearly defined areas of action that not only drive delivery, but also enable you to monitor and track progress against the deliverable.

BusinessOptix single platform is being used to create strategies, modularise them and then create action plans and outputs at multiple levels of the organisation. This includes capturing the strategies in actionable modules, and using model and process design tools to define, implement and track the execution activities.

Operational Performance
Smooth business operations require alignment and optimisation across many diverse areas of the business.

BusinessOptix enables organisations to understand, shape and optimise operations across the business to drive efficiencies and improved performance.

Examples of BusinessOptix capabilities include:

  • Operating models – understand your current operating model and create a new model that best utilises your resources and capabilities to meet your customer and business needs
  • Processes, procedures and policies – design and implement end-to-end processes, and support these with procedures and policies that ensure they are fit for purpose, drive business performance and meet regulatory requirements
  • Governance, regulation and compliance – design, document, publish and share processes that internally drive and externally demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Programme and project management – create, implement and manage standard and consistent methods to guide your teams through setting up and delivering programmes and projects

BusinessOptix single platform is being used to create and optimise operational processes. This includes model and process design, requirements gathering, understanding as-is and designing to-be processes, capturing and using master data, documenting and sharing outputs in real-time and enabling all levels of the organisation to track progress and the outcomes of their efforts during and post completion.

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