The Alchemy document management software suite has several features and options available to build the solution that fits you best. Start by selecting a Alchemy, than pick the Clients, Input Modules and Server options. Special configurations are also available for service bureaus, small offices and workflow applications.

OpenText RightFax Archive Link for Alchemy

Support Compliance and Improve Record Keeping with Long-term Fax Archival, Search and Retrieval Capabilities.

With heightened demands to retain and manage information for compliance and risk-reduction purposes, organisations are under more pressure than ever to provide long-term, secure storage of fax messages. RightFax Archive Link for Alchemy is the long-lasting, reliable and robust archive solution needed to support organisations’ record keeping and compliance goals. As an add-on module from Alchemy, tightly integrated with RightFax software, it allows users to easily store, search and retrieve inbound and outbound fax messages and their histories.

Alchemy Content Management Servers

  • The Alchemy Advanced Server is the basis for applications requiring integrated document management, records management, compliance and workflow, along with fixed content management. The license includes one Advanced Server license with Library Services, Audit Logging, and Role-based Access Control, the Standard Server functionality. Additional Administrator licenses are available.
  • The Alchemy Standard Server is the basis for document management applications such as imaging and computer report archiving. The license includes one Standard Server license with multi-user repository management and integrated Windows security and one Alchemy Administrator (formerly called ‘Build’) client license. Additional Administrator licenses are available.

Alchemy Clients

End-user client programs come in a variety of flexible options to meet diverse needs.

  • For content contributors: The Index Station allows users to add, annotate, index and view documents, and is ideal for imaging and workflow applications. The Document Management Client is an add-in to Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) that adds document and records management functionality and repository access. It requires the Alchemy Advanced Server.
  • For content consumers: The Alchemy Search client is for content consumers, providing read-only access to Alchemy repositories on a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or on portable optical discs such as Compact Disk (CD) or Digital Video Disk (DVD). There are two types of Search clients — a Windows desktop client to view repositories on a LAN/WAN or on portable optical discs such as CD, DVD, UDO or PDD, and an Internet Explorer client for Web access. Search client licenses allow for access using both types of clients on the same Alchemy Server. Web access also requires the Alchemy Web license.

Alchemy Input Modules

  • Alchemy Scan: Captures paper documents into an Alchemy repository using a wide range of scanners. Includes advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for full-text OCR or zone OCR. Includes bar code recognition. Requires an Alchemy Administrator (formerly ‘Build’) or Index Station license.
  • DataGrabber: Development license to write definition files to import large American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) or Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) computer output files into an Alchemy repository. Includes the Runtime license for same workstation. Requires an Alchemy Administrator (formerly ‘Build’) license.
  • DataGrabber Runtime: License to run predefined definition files within Alchemy Administrator (formerly ‘Build’). Requires an Alchemy Administrator (formerly ‘Build’) license.
  • Exchange Archive Link for Alchemy: A “back office” archiving server that captures emails from one or more Exchange servers and stores them into Alchemyrepositories. The Exchange Archive Link for Alchemy license includes one Alchemy Standard Server license and one Exchange Archive Link for Alchemy Administrator license.
  • Portable Document Format (PDF), Computer Aided Design (CAD) file and Windows Explorer drag and drop input are available with the Alchemy Administrator or Index Station.
  • Microsoft Office document input is available with the Document Management add-in, Alchemy Administrator or Index Station.

Alchemy Options

  • Alchemy Web: The middleware services layer that publishes Alchemy Server repositories to the Internet using an Internet Explorer browser. Requires the Alchemy Standard or Advanced Server, and Alchemy Search client access licenses.
  • Alchemy Records Manager: For records managers to create and manage record file plans and retention schedules that are applied to content stored in Alchemy repositories, as well as physical files and electronic files stored on the Windows file system. Requires the Alchemy Advanced Server.
  • Database Encryption Module: Adds an additional layer of very high security to Alchemy repositories by using a 256 byte Blowfish-based security algorithm. Requires the Alchemy Standard or Advanced Server.
  • Alchemy Web Parts for SharePoint Portal Server: Adds the ability for users to archive documents from SharePoint document libraries to Alchemy repositories and to import archived documents from Alchemy and view them within SharePoint.

Integration Solutions for Software Developers

  • The Alchemy Software Development Kit (SDK) includes documentation and code samples to assist developers in writing custom Windows-based solutions using the rich and extensive Alchemy Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Popular uses include integrating repository content or client functionality into other Windows applications, as well as creating custom interfaces for vertical applications.
  • The Alchemy Web Engine Platform is an XML-based, Web Services-compliant, and scalable development platform. Popular uses include integrating repository content into Web portals or other Internet applications.

Service Bureau Solutions

Alchemy Pro is a special annual and renewable license for imaging, computer report archiving and Component Object Module (COM) bureaus. It includes the Alchemy Standard Server and the required number of Alchemy Administrator (formerly called ‘Build’) licenses. The Pro license can be expanded with Alchemy Scan, DataGrabber, Index Stations and the Alchemy Web module. Bureaus are licensed to distribute the data and the Alchemy Search client for Windows on CD or DVD. High volume computer report archiving and Component Object Model (COM) bureaus should also consider Mercury.

Classic Standalone Solutions

Alchemy Gold is the original ‘electronic file cabinet’, managing simple imaging and computer report archiving applications without a server. It is ideal for small offices where one person handles the input and repository management tasks, with read-only access by a small Windows workgroup. The Gold license includes one Administrator (formerly called ‘Build’) and one Windows Search license. Gold can be expanded with an Alchemy Scan or DataGrabber module.

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