Readsoft Reporter

Immediate statistics on your invoice processing

Web-based Reporter helps you keep track of documents and costs and provides all the accurate real time information you may require to make good business decisions.

With Reporter, you don’t need to wait for IT experts to set up new reports. Just select the subject you are interested in at the moment and click to dig down as deep as you like following any parameter. The answer is displayed in a clear, easy-to-evaluate graph and you get it immediately.

The software uses a technique called Associative Data Mining which means that you can select any combination of parameters and get an updated report immediately.

Reporter provides vital information for process planning and improvement and provides an audit trail to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Suitable for you if:

You are using Invoices or ReadSoft’s SAP products and want to get better control of your invoice flow.

With Reporter, you will:

  • Get instant information on your invoice flow – Charts, graphs and figures are available with a few clicks of the mouse .
  • Improve cost control – Get a quick handle on all payments.
  • Increase efficiency – Quickly spot any bottlenecks in your invoice processing.
  • Support remote management – Monitor your invoice flow wherever you are.

Technical capabilities

  • Instantly creates any graph, diagram, or table based on time, resources or your choice of production parameters.
  • Displays any required level of detail. Digs down by simple clicks on the item of interest.
  • Covers all parts of the invoice-handling process from input to the financial-system feed.
  • Shows whether the system is operating up to its capacity.
  • Helps you to pinpoint the origin of any problems that have occurred.
  • Provides instant access to detailed information on production units.

Business system integration

Reporter integrates with Invoices and ReadSoft’s SAP products to provide statistics on your invoice flow.

More information

For further information on ReadSoft, please call us on +44 (0) 1962 835053 or email

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