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Business critical information comes into your organisation constantly – in many forms and on many types of documents. But once it arrives, where does the information go and how does it get there? OnBase AnyDoc automates the data capture process – extracting vital business information and pushing it to wherever it has to go.

By automating data capture, your organisation:

  • Lowers operational costs by reducing manual labour
  • Reduces errors in your data through automated data validation
  • Removes expenses associated with storing and transporting paper documents Reduces costs across the organisation
  • Enters information into your back-end systems faster with automated data entry
  • Accelerates and improves decision-making by making accurate and up-to-date information more accessible to those who need it Improves process speed
  • Increases knowledge workers’ productivity by re-allocating them to higher-value tasks
  • Improves customer service by giving staff immediate access to information

Embracing an automated data capture solution increases efficiencies and accelerates processes across your organisation. OnBase AnyDoc gives your company the competitive edge you want with the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet your business needs and processes.

After initial implementation, an OnBase AnyDoc solution can easily be configured to better fit your solutions as they change over time. IT administrators customize their solution without the need for scripting and also make users’ lives easier with customization options to better address business processes or user preferences.

As your business grows, OnBase AnyDoc is flexible enough to grow with it. Not only can you add OnBase AnyDoc solutions across your organisation as business demands it, but each individual solution can process an increasing number of documents without need for adding full-time staff, allowing you to keep costs to a minimum.

OnBase AnyDoc solutions can process any document, allowing multiple solutions to be implemented across departments and industries. Moreover, all OnBase AnyDoc solutions seamlessly integrate with our market-leading ECM product, OnBase.

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