Kodak Capture Pro

Kodak Capture Pro Software lets you quickly convert forms, invoices, patient records and other critical business documents, into high-quality images. Efficiently capture critical index data, then automatically deliver it all to databases and applications.

Benefit from new advances in quality control to identify and adjust challenging images without rescanning, enhanced integration with Microsoft SharePoint and more practical innovations.

Intelligent Quality Control (QC): When accuracy and readability matter

  • Adjusts image quality even when original document is unavailable for improved data capture accuracy
  • Reduces cost of error correction through better downstream recognition
  • Cuts image review time by intelligently selecting questionable images

Comprehensive integration with MS SharePoint and other ECM systems

Imports index configuration from SharePoint from a wide array of column types. Easily standardise configurations across multiple users to eliminate concerns about processing or capturing the right data to feed a process.

An array of stylish, powerful advantages – including:

  • Save training costs with one familiar interface for all your scanners while avoiding complications and inconsistencies via shared settings for multiple users
  • Cut costs for manual data entry during indexing by using Database Lookup to validate or populate fields from Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) sources
  • Leverage your existing ECM Systems and databases through simplified integration capabilities
  • Easily customise for specific job and user management requirements with individual APIs
  • Keep costs low and predictable with no per-click or volume charges
  • Support for MS Windows 7, XP and Vista Operating Systems
  • Leverage your investment in scanning devices with support for over 160 popular scanners from Kodak and other vendors
  • Automatically bring in existing files from “hot folders,” and perform many of the same imaging functions as with scanned images
  • Output popular file formats to file, system, e-mail and print simultaneously

Kodak Capture Pro – Network Edition

Your capture operation is diverse and distributed, with scanners, indexing and processing stations deployed throughout your multi-location enterprise or large service bureau. Kodak Capture Pro Software Network Edition centralises all the power you need to scan, process, utilise and manage documents and important data from those documents. Centrally deploy and manage capture and indexing stations to feed a repository or business process – utilising Kodak Scanners and those of other popular manufacturers – with the advanced advantages of streamlined server and client software.

Kodak Capture Pro – Auto Import Edition

Expand your data capture capabilities

In today’s distributed work environment, chances are you have image files that originated as faxes or e-mails, or were previously scanned with document scanners, multi-function printers (MFPs), large format scanners, book scanners, or other specialty input devices. You need to import these images into your capture workflow for indexing, document separation, image processing, and output to your ECM systems.

Now you can seamlessly achieve streamlined production capture of documents and data in a distributed environment, thanks to the Auto Import Edition of Kodak Capture Pro Software. Auto Import connects with designated “hot folders” on a network (instead of connecting to a scanner) and automatically brings images into Capture Pro Software for processing and output. Save time and money while achieving file consistency throughout your enterprise. Auto Import runs unattended and continuously, so no added operator expenses are incurred.

Fully automated, continuous import from “hot folders”

  • Easily set up Kodak Capture Pro Auto Import Edition to continuously poll multiple directories or “hot folders” on your LAN for new images
  • Each “hot folder” is associated with a specific Auto Import job setup (for automatic indexing, batch/ document separation, output functions, etc.) and a page setup (for imaging functions like auto delete, image split, etc.)
  • Auto Import then looks for sub-folders of images within designated “hot folders”
  • Auto Import can be configured to create a new batch or document for each sub-folder of images imported. In addition, a new document can be created for each image file (e.g., multi-page TIFF or PDF) imported
  • Schedule auto import whenever it’s most convenient and operate in background
  • Supports import of TIFF (single- and multi-page), PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP, GIF, CMP, IOCA, and MO:DCA files

Perform critical imaging, indexing, and output functions


  • Indexing through barcode recognition
  • Indexing via Zonal OCR/MICR
  • Batch and document separation
  • Removal of blank pages
  • Output to Microsoft Sharepoint (2007 and 2010), EMC Documentum and many other systems

Kodak Capture Pro Software Auto Import Edition—for smarter document and data capture

It’s the one application that gives you more capture productivity, value and ease of use. Kodak Capture Pro Software Auto Import Edition connects to network folders and automatically imports image files—no matter where they originated. And it easily integrates with existing applications including ECM systems, databases, Microsoft SharePoint (2007 and 2010), EMC Documentum and more.

Auto Import Edition brings the power of Capture Pro Software to all of your documents and image files, delivering the automated image acquisition, indexing, and other capabilities that maximise the power of your data.

Please note: Auto Import Edition provides highly useful benefits for those with dedicated, distributed import requirements.

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