ABBYY Recognition Server

ABBYY Recognition Server is designed to take care of the whole document capture process in the organisation. It helps to organise and digitise incoming image documents, prepare them for archiving or editing, deliver them to document repositories, to file shares or send them directly to employees. It also enables conventional document search systems to index images, scans and photographs scattered across ECM systems and personal computers.

The solution is highly automated, scalable and robust, yet simple in administration and use.


ABBYY Recognition Server is the ideal choice for organisations that are looking for an efficient automated OCR and document capture solution. This robust, powerful yet simple server-based solution is designed for mid- to high-volume document processing across large departments and enterprises. It can be either deployed as a standalone program or integrated with a third-party system such as DMS, RMS, and electronic archiving system.

Where to Use

  • Creation of Searchable Archives and Digital Libraries
  • Document Capture Front-End For ECM Systems
  • Everyday OCR service
  • OCR IFilter for Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server and Windows® Search
  • OCR for the Google Search Appliance™

Key Features

  • Takes care of the whole document capture process
  • Quick in deployment and easy to use
  • Designed for processing high volumes of documents
  • Compatible with various scanners and ECM systems
  • Ready-made connectors to Microsoft and Google Enterprise Search systems
  • ABBYY award-winning technology inside


The document conversion process in Recognition Server is divided into six logical parts as shown in the diagram below – Scanning/Importing, Recognition, Quality Control, Document Separation, Setting Document Type and Attributes and finally Publishing.


Recognition Server is administered via a convenient interface based on the Microsoft Management Console. It allows the administrator to configure the system and monitor its activity: to set processing parameters, to manage licenses, stations, user permissions, processing queues, and to view logs.
With the priority management and scheduling features, the administrator can control the order in which the documents are processed and use the stations’ hardware resources efficiently by scheduling OCR for night hours or weekends.


ABBYY Recognition Server provides an application programming interface (API) for integration with other applications. The API can be used to pass image files and processing parameters to Recognition Server, get notifications about job completion and obtain converted files.

More information

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