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Enhance organisational performance with Dashboards

Intuitive dashboardThe need for a fast, efficient solution for accessing key management data has never been more critical. With most organisations storing critical information in a range of data systems such as Finance, CRM, Operations, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, achieving a single view of performance remains a challenge for senior managers. Business Intelligence dashboards provide a single, consolidated and highly interactive view of organisational performance from a wide range of existing and disparate data sources.

For Finance: view debtor days, profits and cashflow in real-time.

For Sales: view sales pipeline, sales YTD and MTD against target in real-time.

For Operations and IT: view service levels, supply chain and resource utilisation real-time.

For Management: view your KPIs, profitability and sales in real-time.

ProcessFlows Dashboards empowers organisations to drive improved organisational performance, by enabling business users to make faster, more accurate decisions based on real-time management data presented in a meaningful and relevant dashboard format.

Users can create their own interactive dashboard view of business data, based upon the metrics and KPIs that matter most to their function or service line. Unlike traditional business intelligence solutions, ProcessFlows Dashboards is intuitive, extremely easy-to-use and highly configurable. It also offers ultra-fast implementation, typically taking just a matter of days for users to be up and running, swiftly delivering business benefits and ROI.

Using ProcessFlows Dashboards, business managers quickly gain an accurate, real-time view of the entire organisation, specific operational areas and individual performance. ProcessFlows Dashboards integrates with a vast array of existing business systems, databases, spreadsheets and even flat files, bringing together the most critical data from an organisation’s existing data sources. Offering proactive alerts, users receive advanced warning of potential shortfalls in performance, and it also enables the user to drill-down to the underlying data source with just a few mouse clicks, so that the root cause of potential issues can be identified and remedial action can be taken.

We use Dashboards Too

Like all of our solutions, we have Dashboards installed in-house. Our dashboards are providing live information across various business areas and have saved us ££££££s already. For more detail click here to read our own dashboards case study.

Key Benefits of ProcessFlows Dashboards

Proactive Alerts
ProcessFlows Dashboards provides proactive alerts to potential business issues, performance shortfalls, trends and opportunities.

Data Consolidation
ProcessFlows Dashboards brings together, information from multiple sources, including accounting software, spreadsheets, CRM systems, HR, payroll, workflow and document management, to provide a single, consolidated view of key management information.

Performance Visualisation
ProcessFlows Dashboards provides a visual, interactive and easy-to-understand dashboard view of relevant information required for faster, more accurate decision-making.

Analysis Made Simple
Users can quickly drill-down through the data to get to the underlying root cause of specific business issues with just a few simple mouse-clicks.

Performance Improvement
ProcessFlows Dashboards improves individual, team and organisational performance, by empowering employees with the most relevant information they require for enhanced decision-making.

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