Sales Order Processing

Organisations tend to spend a considerable amount of money on systems designed to handle their structured data, these will primary include Finance, ERP and CRM systems.

Even if these systems are tightly integrated together manual process are still required, primarily around the routine of new sales orders.

CRM solutions will allow an organisation to store key contact information and sales activity history and the finance system will generate quotes, orders, invoices and delivery notes, but which system is responsible for the routing and authorisation of new sales orders?

This is where our Sales Order Processing (SOP) ProcessFlows solution comes into its own. Our offering allows organisations to capture a new sales order as soon as it enters the company whether via post, fax or email. We can then electronically read the sales order, matching the details against the sales quote and generate a transaction file for automatic importation into the finance or ERP system. The order itself is then stored electronically within the SOP ProcessFlows solution and will be routed around the company based on the organisation’s own policies and rules.

If a sales order needs to be authorised by a sales manager, based on the customer or order value, an email will automatically generated to the person responsible containing a link to the captured sales order asking for their authorisation. Once given, notification will be sent to the nominated department to let them know the order has been authorised and can be processed. This workflow process can be extended further to notify other departments such as warehouse/stock control to provide notification that a new order needs to be fulfilled. All of this can be done without requiring anyone to access the finance or ERP system.

BI Dashboard ScreenshotSo, you’ve got loads of data, but how easy is it to access it to make reports? ProcessFlows BI Dashboards hook in to all your databases, spread-sheets and documents, enabling real-time reporting, in an easy to read graphical format. For more information, please click here.

Furthermore, authorisation can be given from almost any location around the world where there is an internet connection. A user could be attending a conference or having a meeting in America with only an iPad or tablet to hand and receive the authorisation email, click a link and provide the required instant authorisation in real-time, without letting the emails pile up and create a huge workload for their return to the office.

SOP ProcessFlows can be integrated with virtually any third party system including Microsoft Outlook, allowing any documentation stored within the system to be accessed via the users preferred solution, providing them with a familiar interface and reducing the need for in-depth end-user training.

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