PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS Compliant Business Processing

Credit CardsPayment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a set of worldwide compliance goals that are many and varied in scope, but that ultimately boil down to the idea that all organisations processing card payments should ensure that everything is done in a safe and secure manner, in an effort not only to protect cardholders data but also to help reduce card fraud. This is achieved through the control and protection of sensitive data in collection, processing and transmission of cardholder data.

ProcessFlows’ flexible, reliable and secure business process systems help you to meet many of the 12 high level requirements of the guidelines. Our network fax, document management and workflow solutions exactly meet PCI DSS requirements for the secure handling, processing and archiving of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB credit card transaction information.

RightFax, Alchemy and OnBase are industry trusted technologies. They seamlessly integrate with your existing line of business systems to provide a user-friendly way of processing credit card information, which guarantees the security of cardholder data and eliminates the risk of data breaches

Driven by you

PCI compliance is driven by what you need. Every organisation is different and has diverse ideas. So, ahead of any recommendations on how to best meet the requirements of PCI DSS, ProcessFlows works with you to assess how your credit card data is currently processed, how it is accessed and moves around your organisation and how it is stored; your existing systems, your budget and your people.

Our solutions take data security seriously

Cardholder data protected with a ProcessFlows document processing solution is never compromised.
A fax server solution like RightFax not only brings the convenience of secure faxing to the desktop, but also retains a complete audit trail of all fax traffic, including deleted faxes. This is a key aspect of records based compliance.

No matter how a document is received into your organisation, be it via, fax, email, post or even data taken over the phone, we can ensure that information is totally secure at every stage of a business process, from receipt, through workflow and delivery of actionable information, to final archiving.

We can help with more than just PCI compliance

For many organisations, the introduction of PCI compliant processes can be the trigger a look at the providing a much wider electronic and secure end-to-end way of working, throughout the entire organisation.

Business Process Solutions manage risk across the whole business – providing a complete Governance, Risk and Compliance framework from the ground up, centralising and securing all documentation and preventing the loss of information.

Our document processing solutions ‘nail down’ documents, restrict access and automatically encrypt all data for archiving, whilst meeting the requirements for a complete and transparent audit trail.

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