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Automate your HR Processing from Application to Separation

Interview - HRHR Departments are under increasing pressure to ensure that the service they are providing is not only efficient, but also cost effective. There are many disparate functions that all sit under one department; many of the functions are filled with manual processes associated with contracts, appraisals, health and safety, pension documents or new starter, induction, appraisal and document knowledge management.

HR ProcessFlows enables HR departments to better manage employee files, equipping personnel with secure, instant access to information. Organisations can store employee documents electronically in one central location, reducing the time spent searching for content while increasing security and supporting compliance initiatives. Authorised personnel interact with documents and data directly from their human resources information system (HRIS) or other familiar applications, improving efficiency while moving HR processes forward.

The Problem

A recent Forrester report highlighted the fact that up to 50% of an HR department’s time is spent processing employee information and responding to queries. This is not good news for HR Managers trying to juggle existing workloads, particularly in today’s volatile employment market; some organisations are driving recruitment, whilst some are managing a decrease in staffing levels and others are looking at temporary contracts. All of these options increase HR workloads as managers have to continuously ensure that they retain the best talent.

HR teams deal with thousands of documents, most of which are in paper format, and have to be physically filed, archived and stored. Processes need constant attention to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible and each department deals with required tasks.

The Solution

HR ProcessFlows allows HR departments to:

  • Automate HR Processes
  • Provide immediate and multiple access to documents for both HR staff and employees
  • Dramatically reduce paper usage and storage via the use of electronic forms rather than paper forms
  • Control secure access to documents, people can only view what they need to
  • Manage documents to conform to compliance needs


  • Applications can be submitted in any media; email, web and post
  • CVs and covering letters can be introduced into the system with full Optical Character Recognition
  • In turn, this makes initial review a simple task for the appropriate personnel
  • All approved applications can then be routed to the relevant line manager via our automated workflows
  • All applications are stored and tagged for skills, making on-going recruitment simpler

Interview Process

  • Predefined letters can be auto-populated and produced for easy interview invitations
  • Interview feedback can all be stored in one location, making review easier
  • Managers are presented with all relative information in one location and hire/fire decisions can be made very simply

Offer or Rejection

  • Workflows send acceptance or rejection notifications directly to the HR Department
  • Production of contracts with predefined terms e.g. salary, along with offer letters, are automatically generated and sent to the applicant, as well as rejection letters to unsuccessful candidates


  • Once a candidate has accepted an offer of employment, notification can be sent to all departments for easy new starter set-up on internal systems
  • Provides checks and reminders to ensure that all pre-employment documentation and tasks are completed prior to the start date


  • Self-populated electronic personal file with details of all preemployment documentation
  • Training and employee growth can also be documented in a single location
  • Performance review, grievance logging and holiday booking etc can be done in one location, creating a single comprehensive employee file


  • Automated management of the leaving process
  • Log and ensure all company equipment is returned
  • Automatically archives the employment record
  • Retention policies ensure destruction of the documentation at the appropriate time

The Benefits

Our automation helps organisations remove these common problems and allows them to be more productive and efficient and makes the working day less stressful for everyone.

You don’t need to look at replacing your HR system. Our solutions complement seamlessly, through a non-intrusive method, enhancing the way you access information and eliminating the need for physical document storage, by creating an ‘electronic filing cabinet’ and automating processes. The result is that an HR professional’s time is spent on real, added value services to your employee family, not looking for documents in office filing cabinets, or in an old basement archive.

  • Shorten the productivity curve
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Reduce clerical tasks
  • Eliminate manual handling and routing time
  • Reduce manual and duplicate data entry
  • Decrease delays
  • Establish consistent, repeatable processes
  • Instant access to all employee documents
  • Reduce costs associated with stationary, printing and filing.

More Information

For further information please contact ProcessFlows Sales on +44 (0) 1962 835053, or email

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