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The process for both organisations and staff around Employee Travel and Expenses is seen by many as cumbersome and overly complex. Paper driven processes are time consuming and require a huge amount of processing, not just by employees themselves but also by management and finance.

Staff time in approval of claims – checking of claimed lines against submitted receipts, finance coding and posting of claims line by line, auditing and ensuring that Government compliances are adhered to – takes time and consequently costs money.

There is an easier way, with Expense Automation and Management ProcessFlows, submission, coding, auditing and posting of expense claims has never been easier. Based upon market leading technology, submission of expenses can be done via an electronic form, with images of receipts uploaded as attachments and associated to the lines that they relate to. This simple action means that auditing and checking processes are both quicker and easier helping to streamline the process. Forms and image attachments can even be submitted from mobile devices.

Authorisation is another aspect of expense claims that can be not only time consuming, but also frustrating for employees. With a paper-driven process, delays due to a distributed organisation and/or loss of documentation will not only cause staff frustration but also increase costs in process time. Whether it is for the approval of travel before the fact, or the authorisation of expenses after a trip, the use of automated workflows linked to an email system mean that these authorisation processes can be completed with just a click of a button, from any location, negating the bottleneck that authorisation can often provide.

Finally, coding and VAT calculation on expenses claims is another time consuming aspect of this process. With our solution, the ledger codes be automatically associated to individual expense lines and through direct integration into any back office finance package, we can completely remove the need for manual keying of data, which is not only time consuming, but can be prone to errors.

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