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What is Mailroom ProcessFlows®?


With Mailroom ProcessFlows you have one corporate entry point for all incoming business documents. Regardless of the format (paper, fax, email, etc) all documents pass through the same system to be scanned (if paper), classified, sorted, and distributed to the appropriate destination.


The result is fast, accurate delivery, while your mailroom staff can concentrate on handling exceptions.

Mailroom ProcessFlows – How it works:

  • Correspondence and communication enters the organisation in these formats: Paper/Post – E-mail – Fax – Telephone
  • This information is captured or converted into digital format and placed in a queue for recognition.
  • Each item is classified using the intelligent capture in order to understand exactly what the correspondence is regarding.
  • Once it has been classified the system then captures the minimum Index information relating to the document in order to ascertain what should happen to the document.
  • The Document and its Index information are then placed in the Document Management System and additional index data is pulled in from the Line of Business System (wherever possible) in order to hold all the relevant indexes with the document.
  • A workflow process is then automatically created in order to notify the correct group or individual or system of the existence of the document and to control the processing of this document to completion.
  • An additional workflow process is then created in order to communicate with the sender of the document and let them know it is being dealt with.
  • Once allocated the document is moved to the correct folder in the Document Management System which also contains all relevant information and documents.
  • Access to the documents is available directly from the Line of Business System.
  • Management Information is available regarding all incoming documents and their current status within the business.


What are the benefits of using Mailroom ProcessFlows in your organisation?

  • Lower operational costs, due to fewer manual processes in the mailroom and throughout your enterprise.
  • Increased efficiency in all departments, because of instant and correct distribution of each document.
  • Increased power for your target systems due to rapid flow of information made possible by seamless integration.
  • Mailroom scanning of larger volumes from many departments allow for better and faster scanners and dedicated scanner operators.
  • Support for early archiving of all incoming documents.
  • Minimal distribution of physical mail.
  • General control of documents in the company – the basis for further process improvements.

Why Digital Mailroom Solutions?

digimailpicOrganisations are under more pressure than ever to ensure they deal with correspondence and requests in a timely manner.

Increasing competition means that customers have a number of other options to turn to if service levels aren’t up to scratch.

Mergers, acquisitions and shared services in the public sector can make this task even greater by increasing the number of entry points into an organisation. Not to mention the diversity and volume of information received. Government and industry regulators require information and inbound correspondence to be handled in a timely manner and stored securely. In an increasingly litigious society, information needs to be produced quickly to support the discovery process during legal cases.

Reducing the amount of paper produced is high on the agenda of most organisations in line with the Government’s targets to reduce carbon footprint. Managing all the inbound correspondence represents high cost to the business. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to sort, route and prioritise mail and doing this manually leads to errors, delays and lost documents.

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