Compliance Management and Document Approval

ComplianceThere are regulations to govern everything in modern life, from finance to health and safety. However, there are few industries where this is more essential than it is in manufacturing and engineering where safety is a key consideration. Whether you are talking about the chemical composition of paints or the stress tolerances in high tensile steel cabling, regulations are everywhere. Assurance and compliance with these regulations is key for anyone governed by them.

Records generally form the backbone of the evidence for ongoing regulatory compliance; however, these can often be stored in different formats and often not in one codified location. Generally speaking though, physical documentation provides the primary route for evidence-based verification and traceability; it enables an organisation to demonstrate compliance with customer requirements and industry regulations.

Assurance records also become a fundamental point of reference when determining compliance with the intended design along with helping to satisfy the requirements of building control and health and safety bodies. They also ensure that a contractor can demonstrate a duty of care and that the end product is fit for purpose.

Ensuring this documentation is up-to-date and adequately disseminated to all relevant staff and customers as well, is essential. This is a huge task carried out primarily by a manual authoring and publishing process. This can take up vast amounts of staff time, even with a very limited distribution pool. When dealing with things such as safety, in say the aerospace industry, much more precise guidelines have to be followed to ensure the accuracy of updated information. If mistakes are made, the safety of aircraft can be compromised. Checking and double-checking is vital, and doubly time consuming in a manual process.

This is where ProcessFlows can assist with our Compliance Management Solution. Based on market leading technology and our technical expertise, our Compliance Management solutions are designed to turn the compliance process digital. Integrating seamlessly with all existing business systems, applications and mobile devices, these solutions centralis the storage of all electronic information in a dedicated repository which can be accessed, viewed and updated (subject to user access rights) from any location, worldwide.

Converting technical publications and all associated documentation into an electronic format and having them all in one place means it is now much easier to manage all of the information. Documentation is easy to find at the click of a button. Workflow capability drives content through the business process, ensuring that nothing gets missed. Retention is taken care of and the system automatically sends documents requiring updates for editing and input. Once complete, the system will then notify all interested parties (both internal and external) that the document requires approval and comment.

Notifying customers of new updates is an automatic, bi-directional process with in-built verification that updates have been received. The process is less people centric; it’s secure, tight and the risk of human error has been removed. In this way we can provide a fully automated ‘Knowledge Transfer’. Knowledge Transfer is the process of making sure that the people who need to see the documentation read it and verify they have read it. This way there is no room for misinterpretation should there be an issue with the documentation later on. The ProcessFlows solution handles this entire process through multiple iterations, right through to Publication and Knowledge Transfer.

Compliance Management & Document Approval

Compliance Management Issues

  • Time consuming manual process
  • Limited to non-existent version control
  • Delays generated by manual authoring and approval of technical publication
  • Further delays from manual dissemination of documentation to external recipient
  • No audit trail for the acceptance process for new documentation

Benefits of Compliance Management

  • Version controls
  • Full knowledge transfer with each new publication
  • Seamless authoring and approval workflow process
  • Full audit trail
  • All relevant documentation stored in a single location for ease of access
  • Seamless integration into existing application

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