How We Can Help Transform Case Management

ProcessFlows specialise in custom & bespoke Case Management solutions and services to help organisations transform the management of their different caseloads – remove inefficiencies, deliver new customer experiences as well as enhance compliance.

We provide a wide range of solutions and services – from simple cloud-based case management through to bespoke solutions and managed services to meet the specific case management needs of any organisation. Here is a quick overview of core case management capabilities that we tailor each requirement:

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    Case Data Capture & Digitisation

    By default, all case management processes should start digitally through digital forms and integrated systems. This ensures the rest of the case management process can be efficiently and digitally managed.

    Where data isn’t in a structured digital format, we specialise in a range data capture methods to extract and classify case information from any data source and any format. This ensures all case management information and processes can be integrated, managed and efficient, even if they involve unstructured case data sources and formats. i.e. Customer correspondence, maintenance, contracts, claims, personnel, investigations, disputes and support documents. It’s an essential 1st step for removing case management challenges associated with processing, search, errors, missing information, etc. Where automated Data capture fails or reports low confidence levels our service desks can provide data capture verification and exception handling as a service.

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    Fully integrated digital and automated Case Management

    Whilst businesses often have case management policies, these are rarely enforced through their processes due to different nature of case knowledge work and data. This leads to common case management challenges such as inefficiencies handling cases, errors, compliance risks and poor customer experiences.

    ProcessFlows specialise in off-shelf, custom & bespoke digital case management solutions to manage any case in an efficient and governed manner. Our digital case management solutions manage the entire lifecycle of the case:

    • Capturing necessary case information from various sources, systems, content & data types in structured manner
    • Assessing, associated & understanding the case information
    • Evaluating case risks is a structured and governed manner
    • Determining the appropriate course of action/ options
    • Implementing the management of the case in a compliant management according to procedures
    • Following up on cases or renewing cases where this is required
    • Review and evaluation of case management performances

    Our broad specialisms across digital process management, content management, data capture make us the perfect partner to handle the unstructured nature of case data and processes. We can configure and tailor our case management solutions and service desks to manage the specifics of almost any case according to your requirements. Basic capabilities include:

    • Logging a new cases via digital forms in a structured manner
    • Automated data capture, extraction and indexing of case information for processing
    • Incorporate and link case data from any other system and source to provide a single point of control of all case information
    • Management of any associated case content and data – images, documents, videos etc from creation, search, collaboration through to archive, publishing or destruction, analytics
    • Intelligent and federated search of case information across systems, data and content
    • Templates, clause libraries, document creation, document management, calculations, variable data
    • Digital workflows to guide, control, manage and track human to machine interaction and case management processes – guided/ assisted/ augmented workflows, control of input variables, suggestions, version control, editing and redactions, geo-locations, image & video analysis
    • Automation of workflows, tasks or entire processes where necessary data to automate is available
    • Calculations, verifications, matching, look-ups and checks of other systems and business logic, service booking and scheduling with other systems
    • Dynamic user based control and access to workflows and data, AD integration
    • Multi-channel communications, alerts, status, checklist, routing, change or dispute case management, renewal management.
    • Internal or external route approval processes – with our without digital signatures depending on your requirement.
    • Automated case management documents/ reports preparation and distribution in any format
    • Exceptions or bottlenecks can be handled as a managed digital process and/or supported via our managed service centre
    • Bespoke case management status and performance monitoring & management
    • Seamless integration with your common workplace productivity applications such as Microsoft 365 and PDF management tools
    • Updating & integration of other operational systems and processes to driving end to end management and efficiencies
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    Case Management Services

    Sometimes digital process management and automation isn’t the complete solution to your case management challenges. Where your operations are struggling with case management SLAs and bottlenecks that can’t managed or automated, we can also help. Our managed service delivery centre can provide case management tasks and resource as a service according to SLAs:

    • This can be on a dedicated resource or on a per task basis, either permanently or as a peak overflow resource
    • Manage and deliver a wide range of case management operational tasks as a service based on SLAs and operating procedures agreed with yourselves – From data entry, verifications to incident or automation exception handling, report creation, escalations, scheduling management etc
    • Single point of escalation and management of internal or external queries, support requests, escalations, change requests, incidents etc
    • Helpdesks support or Pro-active Service Desks – Out of hours, Multi-lingual support
    • Scale to extend hours or reach of operations to cover gaps
    • Our delivery centre can use your own systems, or our systems for service desks and automation – depending on what meets your requirements.
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    An essential starting point – Our case discovery assessment

    The unstructured nature of cases and knowledge work, means that case management processes are often unique to each every organisation that uses them.

    We use a formal discovery process and structured methodology for assessing, planning and delivering case management transformation – It’s the safest approach and delivers the best results for each business.

    Key elements and stages include:

    • Understand specific business & operational requirements and case challenges
    • Understand the operational context – Map existing case processes including interconnected processes, people and systems – upstream and downstream.
    • Confirm assessment results, highlight gaps and propose any specific recommendations across people, process and systems
    • Once a specific case management solution and or service is agreed, our accredited project management team manages the smooth implementation process through to signoff and transition to continuous improvement
    • Not sure where to start your case management transformation – Book your Free of Charge Consultation here
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    Dashboards, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

    • Getting a single point of view of your case status and performances vs KPIs can be a real struggle when operations are in manual and data is stored in different systems and formats.
    • We specialise in a custom and bespoke dashboards and Business Intelligence capabilities to bring your case management performances, status and data to life irrespective of operational and system silos.

    Not sure where to start your case management transformation? Whether you’re small business looking to standardise operational procedures or a larger business looking for efficiencies and improved visibility and control – we can help. Book your case management transformation consultation here.

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