Digital Case Management Use cases & Examples

A Digital Case Management approach is common in the following circumstances or cases where a process handles a mix of unstructured or complex information – essentially knowledge work and data as opposed to transactional data:

Regulatory compliance

Ensure and measure compliance with laws, policies and procedure through digital workflows and a single point of views of all relevant data and status.

Facilities Management

Establish governed digital processes for identifying issues as well as managing and automating responses. Maintain a single point of view of checks and records for risk mitigation.

Claims Management

Collate, evaluate information from different source and approve claims in a governed manner and inline with specific contracts. Single Point of View with Status monitoring.

Maintenance checks

Managed processes for complex checks across geographies, different subjects and involve unstructured data i.e video/image data, subjective comments or assessments.

Customer Service

Manage lifecycle of activities to fulfil customer requests particular ones where structured CRMs or service desk systems don’t support the unstructured nature of the request adequately. Single Point of View with Status monitoring.

Patient healthcare

Instruct Healthcare works on implementation of route healthcare as well as measure patient outcomes. Digital procedures and controls can be established based on your medical experts and knowledge. Single Point of View with Status monitoring.

Emergency response

Ensure Rapid response or emergency teams have access to the necessary information in field. Automated or digital workflows for governed and efficient processes. Create formal digitised procedures and checks based on your own experts. Single Point of View with Status monitoring.

HR Management

Grievances, on-boarding, off-boarding – Establish governed digital workflows with checks, reporting and alerts for handling complex (interconnected processed or content) or important HR responsibilities correctly. Single point of view of all related information to a case.

Accident investigations

Controlled digital mechanism and workflows to efficiently and robustly govern the capture of necessary information and content as part of determining a case. Single point of view and analytics to analyse all case data and activity.

Legal investigations

Manage and process volumes of unstructured content and data as part of case analysis. Governed workflows for incorporating/ onboarding data. Single point of view and analytics to analyse all case data and activity.

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