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January 7, 2013

Premium Text Messaging Services for Business

The humble text has leapt from its simple, peer-to-peer communication beginnings, right into the hub of the business world. Organisations have realised that text messaging is a great way to reach customers.

ProcessFlows have been customising behind-the-scenes SMS solutions for business users for over ten years, enabling:

  • Premium Text Messaging Services for marketing campaigns, interactive voting during TV shows, competition entries, etc
  • The receipt of charitable donations via text
  • SMS patient appointment reminder and confirmation services
  • Automated truancy alerts for schools
  • Alerts for the hard of hearing
  • Text voting
  • Alerts such as Weather Warnings and Sporting Results
  • Subscription Services that enable the regular download of web content

And many more … the possibilities are endless. QuickQuoteThe Premium SMS Story

Price comparison sites have transformed the way consumers shop for insurance.

Buying car insurance used to be a real chore for motorists. changed that ten years ago, when they launched the first online car insurance quote comparison service.

Insurance quotes now available by SMS

As well as being able to source a range of quotes in one go from any web enabled device, customers can now opt to receive a car insurance quote via SMS, by using’s text message car insurance quote service – QuickQuote.

QuickQuote is quicker than an online enquiry … and quite handy if you are out and about car shopping and need to know instantly what the insurance is likely to cost on a particular vehicle, before you make any final decision.

As long as they have previously registered their mobile phone number and details with, users simply text the registration number of the car they want a quote on to Confused on 66800 and in a matter of seconds a competitive car insurance quote will be delivered to their mobile phone.

Driven by ProcessFlows Premium Text Message Services

QuickQuote is driven by our Premium Text Message Services (PTMS) – hosted, customised, behind-the-scenes SMS solutions.

PTMS was developed to meet the needs of large organisations, like, who want to leverage the popularity of text to market, engage bi-directionally with an extensive audience in real-time and generate revenues along the way. The services are capable of handling variable and large messaging volumes, are fully compliant with all data protection and communications regulations and have the reliability of seamless back-up. opted for a premium, shortcode text number for QuickQuote – the service charges are in addition to standard messaging charges.

SMS premium shortcode numbers are an excellent medium because they are a maximum of 6 digits, they are quick for users to key in, so are more likely to be used and therefore have a better chance of success.

Payment choice and full support rent their shortcodes from ProcessFlows. They can choose to purchase their messages as prepaid bundles or receive a monthly invoice.

All ProcessFlows’ Premium Text Messaging Services come with comprehensive ‘insurance’, which includes 24/7 full system support and maintenance from the ProcessFlows’ in-house based services and helpdesk team.

Text success

Since its launch, thousands of customers have used QuickQuote and consumer feedback has been very positive about the ease and speed of the service.

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