Cirrato Print Management for the Public Sector

The Public Sector is always under pressure to reduce costs. In addition, there is a growing focus on all Public Sector organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. The ability to manage and control printing is one area where government institutions can gain some quick and significant wins, both to cut costs and increase environmentally friendly practices.

When Cirrato came out with its patented single server printing solution in 2005, the first group to have an interest was the public sector. And logically so, with the possibility of removing all print spool servers there are instant & significant cost reductions, along with numerous environmental benefits.

Modern technology should be part of the solution to reduce growing carbon emissions. The Government’s Green Delivery Unit (GDU) focus is on how technology can support organisations with more efficient and flexible business processes and new ways of working.

The Greening Government: ICT strategy was established in 2011 and aimed to tackle cost and deliver efficient, green practices. The approach recognised the dual role of IT in respect of environmental issues; both as a cause of environmental problems (as a result of increased energy consumption), and also as an enabler which could change the way government operates and provides services. The strategy highlights that government must encourage and incentivise green practices from its suppliers, awarding contracts that appropriately encompass green solutions. It adds that government must build on its current procurement practices by considering both the financial and green ‘total costs of ownership’, when comparing tenders (including energy, disposal and service delivery approaches). Furthermore the government should seek a minimum set of standards for accounting for environmental impact costs throughout the life of a product or service (including energy use).

Cirrato technology can help meet 2 out of the 3 key Greening Government Commitments:
• To reduce the size and energy footprint of its Estate
• To reduce the volume of waste.

Watch the video below to see for yourself how Cirrato will assist in significantly reducing Public Sector IT infrastructure costs by controlling and managing all the printers/photocopiers/MFP’s with just one centralised server.

Cost Savings & Resiliency

In traditional print environments, print jobs are sent to printers via dedicated print spool servers – We have found this to represent a cost to the end user of anywhere between £2,000 -£12,000 per server/year.

So, what happens if a print driver causes a server crash, or network problems make print servers temporarily unreachable? Printing comes to a halt and the helpdesk is inundated with calls … Business Processes that rely on printing stop … And the IT department remains in “alert mode” until printing is back on line.

With Cirrato Single Server Printing software, printing always works, at all times – even if the Cirrato server cannot be reached.

Cirrato Single Server Printing is different. While the server enforces rules, enables Follow Print and collects statistics, printing is fully operational even if the server is not reachable. End-users won’t notice any difference, unless they are printing to a Follow Print queue – in which case, they will be given the option to simply print to a local printer.

All local clients, even laptops, retain statistics until the server is back online, at which point the statistics are uploaded retrospectively. This works so well that many Cirrato customers even perform server maintenance during office hours!

With Cirrato Printing always works.

More information

For more information on Cirrato and Print Management, please see the menus above. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 1962 835053, or email

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