Multinational conglomerate consolidates its electronic fax implementations

A world famous organisation sends and receives over 450,000 faxes every month. As an early adopter of the market-leading OpenText RightFax software, their fax traffic has been handled for over 20 years by this highly effective server-based fax system.

As the organisation has grown, their use of RightFax has increased exponentially, which soon became a problem for the European IT team, who were dealing with 16 different server configurations, in locations all across the Globe. In addition, vendor support for RightFax outside the UK was provided by an organisation which had only one English speaking technician and he was often unavailable.

New servers In 2008, they approached ProcessFlows UK Ltd, who had been supporting their UK RightFax deployment from the outset and operating the UK Technical Centre since 1992. The requirement set out was to keep all of the existing in and outbound fax lines, but minimise fax spend, improve service and reduce support overheads.

Following the consultation, ProcessFlows assisted with the decommissioning of the distributed fax server arrangements and consolidating the entire service to a centralised server arrangement in the organisation’s UK headquarters. All of the legacy physical fax cards deployed around their EMEA estate, which had previously provided outmoded telephony connections, were decommissioned and IP Telephony technology was exploited by the provision of Fax over IP (FoIP), either directly with their Voice over IP (VoIP) systems or facilitated by the deployment of the latest OpenText FoIP Gateways. Because this methodology was able to replace the legacy telephony arrangements, irrespective of whether they were analogue or ISDN, it meant FoIP was enabled across EMEA and least cost routing (LCR) was enabled, thus creating a significant cost saving in call charges.

The new UK-based European server is connected to two more RightFax servers, one in the USA and one in Germany. Outbound fax traffic is sent to the suitable RightFax Server or Fax Over IP Gateway for delivery, where deals with local telephony providers ensure that costs are kept to the absolute minimum.

Reducing the amount of RightFax servers has greatly simplified the role of the IT team and with UK-based support on-hand from ProcessFlows (24x7x365), any service interruption issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

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