Blackpool Council – RightFax with Konica MFD, a Channel Partner Case Study

ProcessFlows worked with Konica Minolta to deliver secure faxing capability for Blackpool Council

RightFax was integrated with Konica MFDs (MFP), print management and the Council’s Cisco VoIP telephony network to provide a much more secure and efficient way of working for staff, and improved delivery of front-line services for residents.

Making a difference to the lives of people in Blackpool

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Blackpool Council continually strives to make sure that their efforts and resources positively influence the lives and prospects of the people who live, work and learn in Blackpool.

They consistently make efforts to improve front-line services and seek-out more efficient and secure ways of running the back office functions which underpin service delivery and make the customer experience more positive.

A flexible working strategy

Blackpool Council is in the midst of a implementing a council-wide Cultural Change Programme. This includes introducing more efficient and modern ways of working, which will enable staff to access information from their desktop or web-enabled device and work more effectively from home, other offices or out in the field.

Data Security is the primary driver for introducing new print and fax management facilities

Sue Whalley, ICT Senior Manager, at Blackpool Council explains how the need for flexible, secure printing and faxing at any Council office location is a key enabler for this change;

“We undertook a procurement exercise to renew the Council’s Corporate Printing Contract. Our plan was to decommission our existing end-of-lease print devices and introduce the use of shared Multi Function Devices (MFDs). These could be integrated with print & fax management software to provide a safe, remote printing environment for our employees.”

ProcessFlows & Konica partnership

Konica Minolta worked with ProcessFlows to integrate OpenText RightFax software into their MFDs, ensuring delivery of the secure fax functionality required within the new Corporate Print contract.

Another fundamental condition was the ability to integrate RightFax with the Council’s recently upgraded Cisco VoIP telephony network.

RightFax has a well established integration with Cisco VoIP solutions so fully met these requirements.

Minimising the risk of data breaches

In offices all over the country, printed and faxed documents are unintentionally picked up by the wrong person, so it’s easy for information to stray into the wrong hands.

Print management solutions provide complete control of an organisation’s print function; securing the print operating environment so it can’t be compromised, ensuring that print is only viewed by intended, authorised personnel.

Network fax does the same for fax data and provides an audit trail of all faxing activity.

Stand-alone fax machines are a known data security risk

Stand-alone fax machines do not offer any centralised audit or reporting functionality, meaning that they offer no standard security or cost controls.

For some Public Sector organisations, this has led to a large fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Blackpool Council had a total of 82 dedicated fax lines connected to individual fax machines in multiple departments and buildings across the organisation.

RightFax with Konica MFD

As Konica Minolta became the Council’s new managed print partner Sue was made aware that their MFDs could be integrated with network fax technology, RightFax, to provide secure, electronic faxing via the desktop and MFDs.

Security tightened

RightFax guarantees that all fax transactions whether via the desktop or MFDs, have full audit trails and centralised reporting tools.

Sensitive outbound documents can automatically be sent to a line manager for approval, or to an approved fax number address book. This removes the risk of sensitive documents being sent to the wrong recipient.

Inbound fax documents are routed by RightFax to a network folder or an email account, eliminating the risk of paper documents being left on fax machines.

For departments such as Social Services, this is a real benefit.

Implementation Process

“Before committing to the solution, ProcessFlows helped us to set up a Proof of Concept which allowed us to undertake a full test of the system’s ability to meet our requirements. This demonstrated to us that ProcessFlows were totally confident that their solution would meet our requirements, plus we received fantastic advice and support from them from start to finish” said Sue.


Integrating RightFax with the Konica Minolta MFDs ensures that the Council can remove all the costs associated with stand-alone machines or fax modems within the MFDs.

When asked about costsavings, Sue commented; “We were previously on an analogue system with converters to digital. This would have been due for replacement in the not too distant future. RightFax has saved us this cost.”

Going forward

The solution is being adopted Councilwide as part of the Corporate Print Transformation Programme.

More information

If you would like more information about RightFax network fax, please call +44 (0) 1962 835053, or email

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