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Business Process, Document Management and Communications Solutions for the NHS & Private Health Sector

NHS & Healthcare

With budgets being cut and the pressure on to make savings, NHS & Private Healthcare organisations need to look at every possibility for streamlining operations.

In addition to making savings, newly introduced regulations regarding access to data and its storage mean that organisations must now adhere to very strict guidelines. Failure to meet these guidelines has already resulted in huge fines.
ProcessFlows has been supplying business solutions for over 32 years. The experience gained over this time, coupled with our best-of-breed products, means that we are very well placed to provide the tools and support required to save time and money in every department of an organisation.

NHS & Private Healthcare Solutions at a glance

  • Secure, Integrated Network Fax and E-Document Delivery.
  • Voice-Activated Incoming Call Handling – Avoid missed calls, direct callers to the correct person/department automatically.
  • SMS Integration – Automated Patient Reminders – proven to vastly decrease DNAs. Complete two-way integration with EMIS. Manual/automated messaging to and from almost any front- or back-end application.
  • Electronic Document Management and Workflow – Secure, regulation-compliant document storage, with almost instantaneous retrieval.
  • Intelligent Print and Cost Management – Save 30% of overall print costs, create a greener organisation and greatly improve information security.
  • Business Process Outsourcing – Offload labour-intensive processes to a more cost-effective, highly skilled and flexible workforce. Reduce staffing costs and risks.

OpenText RightFax e-Document Delivery

RightFax is the most reliable and robust fax server software available and is by far the market leader. It provides an integrated, simple and secure way to send and receive non-repudiable documents, drives down costs and increases efficiency.
Strong partnerships with industry leaders have created simple integration and interoperability, enabling organisations to quickly and efficiently roll-out desktop fax, fax from Multi-Function Printers/Copiers and back-end systems – delivering cost savings, compliance and security.

RightFax for the NHS and Private Health Sector

  • Receive patient-sensitive fax messages direct to Desktop/Email, no need for confidential information to sit on fax machines and printers.
  • Secure faxing of confidential information – Dramatically reduces the risk of mis-sending fax messages, thus avoiding ICO fines.
  • Faxing direct to and from desktop applications – Reduces (or removes altogether) paper and toner usage.
  • Integration with Email, Voice over IP and Back-end applications such as Oracle or SAP.
  • Integration with Multi-Function Printers/Copiers – Stand-alone manual fax machines are no longer required.
  • Massive cost savings on faxing – systems usually pay for themselves within 6 months.

Equitrac Print Management

Save up to 30% of your overall print costs and create a greener organisation, by using Equitrac intelligent print and cost management solutions.

Equitrac Office software increases security and helps to gain control of printing through measurement, monitoring and ongoing management. The software also provides a way to gain a clear picture of an organisation’s printing needs, in order to deploy the proper equipment to meet those needs. It also helps employees become more aware of their printing habits and provides the tools to enforce print policies where necessary, such as routing print jobs to the most cost-effective devices, or limiting the amount of colour printing.

Equitrac for the NHS and Private Health Sector

  • Implement rules-based printing, to save money on costs. For example; all emails to be printed are output in black and white by default.
  • Secure printing – Documents are no longer left on a printer for anyone to see or pick-up, they are only printed when the user swipes their access card at the device. This goes a long way to ensuring that sensitive data isn’t shared, helping to avoid big fines by the ICO.
  • Complete reports on who is printing what and how, so the organisation can make sure they are making the most of their print infrastructure and that users are printing in the most efficient way possible.
  • Reduce the amount of unwanted print jobs, users are able to select the prints they want at the device – No need for recycling points next to printers.

CX-E (CallXpress) Unified Communications

CX-E is a best-of-breed Unified Communications platform, spanning Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Call Processing, Speech Recognition and Mobility applications.

CX-E for the NHS and Private Health Sector

  • Speech Directory/Auto Attendant – Front inbound calls with a speech-enabled Auto Attendant to reduce operator costs.
  • Shared Services – CX-E can act as a central Unified Messaging platform across separate buildings and organisations, even those with differing telephony platforms.
  • Mobility – CX-E provides users with a myriad of tools to work from wherever they wish;
    – Simple to use Unified Messaging – Voice, fax and email in a single interface.
    – Intelligent Call-Routing – Users are able to quickly make changes for routing inbound calls to whichever location they wish, this can be achieved by Speech, a Web portal or a native application on an iPhone or Android device. Can be set to initiate and route all calls from the organisation’s switch, meaning staff out of the office don’t pay for the call.
    – Advanced Speech Recognition allows mobiles users (particularly car drivers) to stay in touch and perform daily tasks using truly hands-free technology – listen to email messages via Text to Speech, respond to email with voice and check calendars and make appointments, without having to touch a phone or PC.
  • Self-Serve Automated Services;
    – Accept automated payments via the phone
    – Automated problem report handling
    – Pushing Information – Subscribed ‘customers’ can be auto-dialled with useful information
    – DNA Patient Reminders (where SMS is not possible)

SMS Solutions

Text Messaging has long been recognised as an efficient and cheap medium for communication and many NHS Trusts are now driving their ‘Innovation and Improvement’ campaigns by using SMS to help ensure that appointments are more likely to be attended, thus reducing the very expensive overhead of DNA’s.

Appointment ProcessFlows® integrates with EMIS Web, LV and PCS to offer the most complete SMS Service for the GP and Trust. Appointment reminders are sent out on a daily basis to patients reminding them of their appointment and who they are scheduled to see. The message is completely personalised and, unlike most other systems, allows for a text reply to confirm, cancel and request a new appointment. Once a cancelled text is received, that date and time is automatically made available by the system to be used for another patient.

The solution also comes with the Appointment ProcessFlows® Campaign Manager, providing an interface to send out text messages for flu reminders, antenatal classes, mammograms and other Health campaigns.

SMS for the NHS and Private Health Sector

  • Appointment ProcessFlows® Integrates with EMIS Web, LV and PCS
  • Campaign Manager for Health Campaigns
  • Two way SMS messaging
  • Text reminders to reduce DNA’s
  • Text test results

OpenText Alchemy Eletronic Document Management

With the drive from Central Government to drastically cut costs but continue to provide Core Services, NHS Trusts are coming under massive pressure to streamline internal processes and automate not some, but all of their Document-centric, manually intensive processes. One of the other drivers to adopt electronic working are asset reduction programmes, where office and storage space must be kept to the absolute minimum.

The only sensible way to achieve these demands is to deploy a fully integrated electronic document management system, coupled with a programme to remove some archive files off-site, destroy duplicates and keep the work-in-progress documents as scanned images or native files held within the EDM for instant retrieval. This integrated solution will allow all areas of an organisation to take advantage of the EDM automated document processes, from within their own working environments, often without having to leave their existing Line of Business systems.

At ProcessFlows we have successfully implemented Document Management, Workflow and Business Information Tools within several NHS and Private Health Sector organisations. All of these have realised huge process efficiencies for a vast number of services and achieved the seemingly impossible … doing more, with less staff.

Document Management and Workflow for the NHS & Private Heath Sector

  • Patient Records
    Digitising patient information drastically reduces the time to locate and provide staff with records for appointments. The knock-on effects include allowing admin staff to be more gainfully employed and saving space no longer needed for physical storage of paper-based documents.
  • Occupational Health
    Alchemy is currently used in various hospitals including several leading University Hospitals within Occupational Health departments. These departments typically have to manage tens of thousands of records, which may need to be kept for up to 40 years. Storing this sensitive information within an electronic document management system provides fast, secure, role-based access, with a full audit trail, saves huge amounts of time, eradicating misfiling, providing instant retrieval and frees up physical filing space.
  • Estates Department
    Alchemy easily manages the great volume and range of different types of documents and records which are associated with any building. With the management of several sites usually handled from one department, simple storage, access and updating of records, documents and architectural drawings, with version control and audit trail, is paramount. Alchemy makes access to information easy and secure, to users of any level of competence.

Business Process Outsourcing

BPO is the process of hiring another company to handle business activities and processes for you.

ProcessFlows has evolved and improved this solution to fit current demands – We provide people, premises, IT, legal, human resources and fiscal support, whilst allowing the customer to retain day-to-day management control of their team and their activities.

BPO is suitable for a number of functions that are considered “non-core” to the primary business strategy, such as financial and administration processes, HR functions, data cleansing, data entry, sales, marketing, call centre and customer service activities.

For further information on ProcessFlows’ BPO services, please click here.

eCopy ShareScan and eCopy PDF Pro Office

Almost every office and department has the use of a Multi-Function Printer/Copier, but very often these devices are not being used to their full potential. eCopy ShareScan, from Nuance, is the leading MFP document capture solution, turning your MFPs into productivity machines that instantly, easily and securely transform paper documents into more manageable electronic workflows.

Right from the MFP, eCopy ShareScan can:

  • Capture information trapped in paper with the World’s most accurate OCR engine – making it as accessible as data
  • Process documents with near perfect precision – boosting productivity
  • Connect directly to business applications – empowering knowledge workers to do more, more efficiently
  • Automate paper-intensive document workflows – accelerating processes

Quick and very simple access to features such as Scan-to-Mail, Scan-to-PC Desktop, Scan-to-file (directly into MS Office documents) and conversion to searchable and ultra-compressed PDFs, allows the MFP to be used at its full potential – as a very powerful business tool.

For organisations that make use of the PDF document format, eCopy PDF Pro Office is the smarter PDF desktop software companion to MFPs. Powerful and easy-to-use this PDF solution lets you create, convert, and collaborate like never before, for dramatic productivity gains. What’s more, eCopy PDF Pro Office is available at one-third of the price of products with comparable capabilities – exceptional value without compromise.

eCopy ShareScan and eCopy PDF Pro Office for the NHS and Private Health Sector

  • Turning paper documents into electronic data results in huge cost and storage savings
  • Keeping tabs on information in electronic form is far easier than in paper form and ensures compliance with data-protection laws

Hardware/Software Sourcing

Software Sourcing

Finding software at a sensible price is a labour-intensive process, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Having recognised this problem, ProcessFlows built a team dedicated to finding niche and specialist software applications at the best possible price.

Our Software Sourcing Team has now been successfully identifying, sourcing and supplying everyday and more niche software applications from around the world, on behalf of organisations, for over 20 years.

Hardware Sourcing

Whether you need specific hardware to complement our software and solutions, or wish to make a hardware-only purchase, our industry ties with all of the big server, networking, fax-card and Scanner/Copier/MFP suppliers, enable us to offer the best pricing and the best warranties, on the highest quality equipment.


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