Legal firms, like many others, face the common challenges in the current economic climate of falling revenues, rising costs and increased competition. In addition, there is an obvious requirement to keep information secure, but readily available.

ProcessFlows tailor-made solutions provide secure information communication and storage. We have worked with a good number of ‘big names’ in the Legal world, so have not only the best-of-breed technology, but also the necessary experience to ensure that our customers gain the most from their investment.

OpenText RightFax e-Document Delivery

Fax is still a trusted method of communication in the legal profession. It is secure and provides a clearly identified audit trail. Many firms use fax as a two-way communication method with clients and suppliers and between offices. It is an excellent method of communication, but managing high volumes of paper faxes is inefficient and costly – people time, line rental, machine rental and maintenance, electricity, paper and toner.

Electronic faxing speeds up the process, frees up staff time, provides a full audit trail for compliance and also helps firms to reduce their carbon footprint.

OpenText RightFax is the most reliable and robust fax server software available and is by far the market leader. It provides an integrated, simple and secure way to send and receive non-repudiable documents, drives down costs and increases efficiency. Strong partnerships with industry leaders have created simple integration and interoperability, enabling organisations to quickly and efficiently roll-out desktop fax, fax from Multi-Function Printers/Copiers and back-end systems – delivering cost savings, compliance and security.

For more information on RightFax, please click here.

Print Management – Equitrac Professional

Effective print management has been proven to save 30% of overall print costs, creates a greener organisation and provides security. Beyond recovering client-billable expenses, Equitrac Professional leverages your print tracking efforts to capture, allocate and accurately bill for every applicable client-related expense. It provides each professional services firm the ability to:

  • Track client expenses automatically
  • Record client’s information for every service
  • Enforce internal rules that reduce total print volume
  • Redirect jobs to the most cost-effective output device
  • Identify and relocate overworked or underused systems
  • Manage from a central location, helping to reduce the burden on your IT department

For more information on Equitrac Professional, please click here.

Document Management

The legal profession is burdened with paper. Law firms come under the strictest rules when it comes to the retention of documents and files for compliance. Whilst some information only needs to be retained for a few years, a document relating to wills and estates may need to be kept for over 100 years, so a large law firm will be hampered with a huge volume of paper that has to be accommodated in some way.

Firms are frequently asked to produce financial and billing information for clients long after the case has been closed.

When requests for information are received, being able to find the correct details in a timely manner is critical, both in terms of staff productivity and customer service experience. This is just not possible if you have to manually search through archive boxes full of paper, photocopy and then collate that paper.

Document management software enables law firms to store, organise, index and retrieve documents for every case or project from any location, via any networked or web enabled device. Removing paper maximises the effectiveness of existing processes and the eternal search for paper information in ‘travelling files’ files is a thing of the past.

For more information on Document Management Solutions, please click here.

XM Connect (CX-E) Unified Communications

Law firms often receive thousands of emails and voice messages a month, which, if not handled correctly, can often end up on the wrong extension or ‘inbox’. Without the proper technology, users can’t access emails and messages when they are out and about and backlogs can build up, which have to be dealt with at the beginning or end of the day.

Unified Messaging gives users access to voice, fax and email messages, wherever they are; through one email inbox such as Outlook or by dialling in to the system and making use of advanced text-to-speech and voice control technology. In addition, it can provide intelligent call routing for inbound calls to single users and/or whole departments.

XM Connect is a best-of-breed Unified Communications platform, spanning Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Call Processing, Speech Recognition and Mobility applications.

For more information on XM Connect, please click here.

SMS Text Messaging for the Legal Sector

Whilst useful as a back-up or alternative to email, SMS is an excellent, discrete and immediate messaging medium, for situations where there is a need to get an urgent message to a partner or associate who is in a “do not disturb” situation – in court perhaps, or during an important client meeting.

Text message notification is a service that some law firms – primarily those dealing in conveyancing, personal injury and other ‘low-value’ work – are now offering clients. The value it adds to their business is obvious: clients are kept up-to-date with regards to their case, matter or transaction, and the firm reaps the benefits of not having to field so many routine enquiries that eat into their profit margins. For a law firm that is seriously interested in becoming a large retail law provider, there is little question that automatic updates and notifications are worthwhile.

For more information about our SMS solutions, please click here.

Other Technologies and Offerings

In addition to all of the above, we have many solutions suitable for any vertical market, such as those for invoice processing, accounts payable and receivable, digital mailroom and compliance. We also have a dedicated Outsourcing division, which will take on as many of your day-to-day or one-off tasks as required – at a much lower cost to you than hiring extra staff internally.

More information

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