UC Disruption and Disruptors

It is clear to ProcessFlows that the UC market is poised for rapid change in 2017 – more acquisitions and consolidations, new technologies, and the growing influence of cloud vendors will be just some of those changes. Working with AVST, we can assist IT leaders in effectively developing and evolving their UC strategies within this shifting landscape.

Avaya is here to stay

Avaya is building a plan to move forward. The sheer number of Avaya technologies already on the market strengthens its ability to survive current restructuring. We have some strategies to maximise your ROI on your Avaya investments.


What are the technology and market drivers that make so many organisations move to cloud platforms? WIt might be worth discussing the different categories of competitors, together with the strengths and causes for concern within each category. The details of private cloud versus public cloud versus hybrid structures is also worth discussing.


You can’t talk about disruption in the UC space without including Microsoft. Microsoft is positioning Skype for Business as a corporate PBX. Let’s talk about how best to implement Skype for Business as a full or partial PBX replacement for enterprise and large organisations.


Working with AVST, our goal is to build interoperability between our UC applications and multiple vendor technologies. Rather than encourage an endless cycle of rip and replace in the UC market, we advocate building a bridge to the future: a controlled, steady migration to whatever form your UC infrastructure will take. It’s a philosophy of extending the life of your existing telephony solution while enhancing its capabilities with the latest UC applications. The third part of the philosophy is making that bridge flexible enough to allow a solution to evolve to meet emerging future technologies – whether a solution is deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid system.

To discuss any of the above points in more detail, please contact us at sales@processflows.co.uk or on 01962 835053.

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UC Disruption and Disruptors

It is clear to ProcessFlows that the UC market is poised for rapid change in 201...

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