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ProcessFlows has over 31 years experience in the Capture, Processing, Management and Delivery of Documents, Voice and Data.

From the moment information enters your organisation, we help you take intelligent action to recognise and store it securely, so that it can be accessed instantly by authorised users, from the application of their choice. By implementing ProcessFlows, you ensure this information reaches the correct person on time in the most appropriate format, with all the related information they need to make an informed decision.

Whether it’s email, web forms, scanned documents, faxes, SMS or voice traffic, any area of your organisation that receives high volumes of inbound information will benefit from implementing ProcessFlows.

What we do for you

Implementing simple ProcessFlows increases the speed at which a department, or the whole business, can manage its inbound information – rather than be managed by it. ProcessFlows can provide your business with visibility and controls for compliance purposes and real-time reporting that allows the management team to measure the organisation’s effectiveness. Finance, Local Government, NHS and every sector of Business and Commerce have benefited from working with ProcessFlows. We have over 90 online case studies and many more reference sites which back that up – so you can hear it direct from some of our 2,500 clients.

In addition, through our Managed Services Centre in Bulgaria, we provide customers with an integrated approach to delivering and expanding their service offerings with bespoke solutions at a reduced cost and low risk.

How we work with you

By combining proven, market-leading technology that has been implemented thousands of times with our experience and expertise, we work with your team to design and implement a ProcessFlow in the area where your business has identified inefficiencies. Using Best-of-Breed technology allows us to implement solutions that are tightly integrated to your existing environment very quickly, without the need for programming. This low-risk approach ensures a fast return on your investment, whilst providing a platform on which you can build additional integrated ProcessFlows.

Our experienced Client Services Team will work with you to analyse, propose, prove and implement a ProcessFlow. We manage the project on your behalf to ensure delivery times are achieved and that sufficient testing and user training has been conducted. We offer 24×7 support and dedicated account management to help you maximise your investment. Our support renewal rates are high, we have worked with many of our clients for more than ten years.

Our clients will confirm that sharing information intelligently dramatically reduces laborious manual, paper-based processes, creating substantial savings in time and cost while improving internal and external interactions.

More information

If you have identified an area of your business or a specific process that is operating inefficiently, contact us on +44 (0)1962 835053, or email sales@processflows.co.uk.

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