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5 Steps to Building Excellent Customer Service

April 10, 2018

1. Recognise the importance of happy customers and quality customer service

In a highly competitive world economy where companies are offering similar products, profit is becoming more dependent on customer experience. It has direct effect on new customer acquisition, revenue, lifetime value and retention. For this, customer service but also sales and tech support teams are becoming the frontline of company’s culture and quality performance beyond marketing promises.

2. Match your customer service tactics with your business strategy

Integrating customer service to your business plan is now part of the new business models which require greater flexibility in companies. Call centres have broader impact on the client-company relations.

While old models required telephone-armed employees available at all times on their desks, they are now multitasking between different Office 365 applications such as e-mail, Skype for Business, instant messaging or social media platforms requiring additional skills.

Dispersing the agents’ responsibility involves also more complex follow up by better quality management with seamless means.

3. Improve your call centre agents’ experience and performance

Multitasking challenges
A study of the University of London found that multitasking is reducing brain’s efficiency. While it is relatively easy on personal level to reorganise one’s responsibilities into single-tasking, it can become a serious obstacle for large teams. The researchers recommend key takeaways for Management:

  • Be sensitive to challenges when multitasking
  • Help employees prioritise work
  • Let off the gas once in a while. Allow for slow periods of time to give employees a break
  • Keep business transparent to help employees feel valued
  • Communicate expectations clearly
  • Face-to-face communication is more effective than e-mails.

Flexible working models
An important part of customer service employee performance is the possibility to add flexible working models such as part-time, remote or home office, BYOD which require technical interoperability and user-friendly applications. All of them respectively demand from the management strong capacity to control, solve issues and provide adequate feed-back to modern day worker.

Constant improvement
Customer service jobs have passed through serious evolution as technology has accelerated and simplified a number of processes. However, we all know that nothing comes without a price. The best market players tend to provide agents with constant personalised training in order to improve their performance. It all comes with a good deal of monitoring and analysing individual and team accomplishments or challenges.

4. Use the right tools

Given the increased need of monitoring allowing organisations to follow agent’s performance, one of most adapted solutions on the market is the client side recording application suite RECITE by Numonix. It is also an industry unique tool certified for its compatibility with Skype for Business in Office 365. After a quick installation on the agent’s computer, it allows managers to record seamlessly voice interactions.

RECITE enables continuous or scheduled recordings stored securely on the company’s server. The collected data provides complete insight of all customer – agent interactions which is essential for managing the quality of customer service.

5. Apply an appropriate methodology

The last step of this guide is the methodology definition allowing managers to create an organised approach to customer service improvement by applying SMART.
S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable

R – relevant

T – time-based

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