Automated Invoice Processing

Automatically transfer invoice information straight into your ERP system Invoices is the world’s number one choice for automated data capture from invoices. The software automatically extracts information from any incoming invoice, validates it and transfers it to an ERP system. There are many ways for invoices to arrive: in envelopes, by fax, as email attachments, via XML or as PDFs. Invoices handles them all. All information of interest is captured automatically. Validation and verfication of the invoices can also be handled automatically since the software comes equipped with country-specific profiles regarding VAT-rates, currencies, date formats etc. The captured information is exported from Invoices to your target system for coding, authorisation and approval by your accounts payable staff. Invoices is the first step to electronic invoice processing. The software can be seen as a funnel for all your incoming invoices, directing them into the same flow, regardless of source. Suitable for you if: Your company processes more than 5000 invoices per year. With Invoices, you will:

  • Improve your bottom line – Costs for manual keying and manual verification are eliminated.
  • Improve financial control – You get fast and accurate financial statements and simple access to any invoice.
  • Improve supplier relations – As your invoice processing gets faster, you eliminate late-payment penalties and increase early-payment discounts.
  • Improve employee satisfaction – Staff can focus on more rewarding tasks than keying in information into computers.

Technical capabilities

What types of invoices can be handled?

  • Paper – Although IT develops rapidly, paper invoices will continue to exist for some years to come. Consequently, Invoices digitises your invoices and provides high quality extraction results.
  • XML variations – Although there are numerous different XML invoice standards, Invoices handles the input and creates a digital image for use in the subsequent process.
  • PDFs and images – Invoices extracts information from PDFs and all major image formats (TIFF, PNG, JPG, etc.).
  • Fax – Fax images are automatically imported by means of a link to your company’s fax server. The subsequent process is the same as for all other digital images.

Business System Integration

Invoices integrates seamlessly with most ERP systems on the market. ReadSoft has certified in-house integrations for SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite.

More information

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